Shangpengtang's sixth fortune summit in 2014 came

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Recently, shangpengtang ushered in a new round of wealth summit, which is the second phase of this month's wealth summit. More than 10 clients from Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Zhejiang, Jilin and Guangdong participated in the summit

from July 24 to 25, Shang Pengtang welcomed the sixth fortune summit in 2014. This summit is also the second fortune summit in July. Although the interval between this summit and the last summit is short, the quality and enthusiasm of customers are higher than those in previous periods. More than 10 customers from Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Zhejiang, Jilin and Guangdong participated in this summit

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in order to cultivate the marketing awareness of all employees of the company, shangpengtang also fully enabled newcomers to participate in the whole conference process at this wealth Summit; During the visit to the production base, the company arranged Mr. luochanghua, the supervisor of the No. 3 engineering workshop, to give a full explanation. In the part of policy explanation, Mr. xiehuihua, the R & D director, was invited to give an explanation, and the regional managers of East China, North China and Guangdong were newly dispatched to participate in the negotiation and learning in the fortune summit. Even the host, Ms. Chen Yong, the manager of customer service department, was also invited to give full assistance. Through the cooperation of different departments, Let all colleagues participate in the dealer negotiation and service, and let everyone cherish every customer more. The company will continue to do similar actions

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at this summit, general manager Gou of Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province, led Cao panshou, the designer and his wife to drive from Yunnan to shangpengtang Foshan headquarters to negotiate and determine the store design scheme. Other dealer partners also brought other surprises to shangpengtang. However, happy times are always so short. In the communication with the majority of dealer partners, Shang Pengtang found some shortcomings. In the future, with everyone's ideas, I believe Shang Pengtang will grow further

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