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Creating a European style bathroom not only matches the quality of life pursued by modern people, but also caters to the living habits of Wuhan decoration owners and is loved by thousands of families. From the overall effect, the European style always gives people a sense of grandeur and elegance, and the bathroom is no exception. Although the bathrooms of some houses in China Resources Oak Bay phase 2 are not big in themselves, the gorgeous lamps, mirrors, trinkets, and European wallpaper or wall tiles will naturally reveal a western style in the whole bathroom

European toilet effect picture VII:

the bathtub is higher than other places, with a very comfortable design. The bathroom is also so spacious, which is where the luxury and atmosphere of European style lie. The biggest highlight is the murals on the wall. Many owners dare not decorate too much in the bathroom and worry that mildew will occur if it is wet for a long time. In fact, as long as they pay attention to waterproof when purchasing building materials, the problem will not be great





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