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Everyone who pays attention to Xiaoxin knows that the new products launched by Xinjia this year are really not a little bit more, but quite a lot

everyone who pays attention to Xiaoxin knows that the new products launched by Xinjia this year,

are really not a little bit more,

that's quite a lot

? 6 series, more than 1000 new products

not only high appearance, but also connotation (covering face...)

especially when Beizhan group makes its debut,

the booth is like a live concert every day.

many friends say that

none of them has experienced it personally. It's a great pity.

our handsome Kang boss said proudly

then for all our new products

? Hold a national concert

Er ~ ~ no ~ ~

it's a propaganda meeting

Xi'an, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu

4 lectures, countless wonderful moments

Xiao Xin shares with you

▲ outfield - Xinwang's beauty welcome Group

▲ infield - the little partners in the Northwest region are so enthusiastic ~ ~

▲ the working partners take photos and start working

▲ the girls in Nanjing are very beautiful. Beautiful girls love beautiful wall art. Is this logic right?

▲ rare parties, happy photos

▲ our boss Kang is explaining the version. The business backbones of Xiaoxin's family are all present at the publicity meeting this time. The process characteristics and design style of each version in the venue can give you an explanation. To be honest, this opportunity for close professional knowledge exchange is quite rare

▲ this year's star new product - Yijie functional wallpaper test site, so that every guest can personally experience its magic

▲ Hubei's partners are naturally refreshing. You can feel it through the pictures.

▲ take photos directly before you have time to record ~ ~ taking advantage of this rare opportunity, our boss Kang also introduced the development process of the company in detail to our friends at the meeting This year's main products and future business prospects

▲ our R & D director explained the principle and R & D process of the magic function of e-clean to everyone on site

▲ at each publicity meeting, business executives explained in detail this year's product operation policies and the new deal of store franchise support for friends in the region. Your questions can be communicated one-on-one with our business executives in the field

▲ it is said that Sichuan girls are beautiful and have pictures and truth

▲ I feel that the atmosphere of Chengdu market is particularly matched with the orange of Xinwang logo - both are particularly energetic and lively! Listen to me, ask me and answer. It's really Sichuan flavor and lively

after watching these wonderful live broadcasts, do you have the impulse to participate in such an interesting and professional new product launch

good news! If you are a friend in the following areas, our new product promotion will begin at your door. If you are interested, long press the QR code in the figure below to enter our registration channel and experience the charm of Xinwang's exclusive new product together

number of publicity meetings in April: Haikou, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Kunming

number of publicity meetings in May: Hefei, Changsha, Xiamen, Chongqing, Qingdao

number of publicity meetings in June: Shenyang, Shijiazhuang, Nanchang or Lanzhou, Hohhot, Harbin

registration channel of Xinwang new product publicity meeting

more brand-new mold proof glue is shining

(are you looking forward to it?)





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