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American style is the decoration and decoration style from the United States. It is the most famous representative style in colonial style. The United States is a country of immigrants. People of all ethnic groups in Europe came to the American colonies and brought the decoration and furniture styles of all ethnic groups and regions to the United States. At the same time, due to the vast territory and abundant resources of the United States, the immigrants' desire for size was greatly relaxed, making the American style famous for its wide, comfortable and mixed styles

style characteristics

freedom and casualness

the United States is a country that advocates freedom, which has also created its free and casual uninhibited lifestyle without too many artificial modifications and constraints. Inadvertently, it has also achieved another kind of casual romance, and the American culture is a vein dominated by transplanted culture, which has the luxury and nobility of Europa, but also combines the uninhibited soil and water of the American continent, The result of this combination is to get rid of many fetters, but also to find a new nostalgic, noble and atmospheric style of cultural foundation without losing freedom and casualness

pay attention to simplicity and practicality

because the style is relatively simple, the details are particularly important. American furniture generally adopts walnut and maple. In order to highlight the characteristics of wood itself, its texture itself becomes a kind of decoration. It can produce different light sensations at different angles. This makes American furniture more attractive than golden European furniture. Another important feature of American furniture is its strong practicality, such as a table specially used for sewing, a large dining table that can be lengthened or folded into several small tables, etc. In addition, the hardware decorations in American furniture are exquisite, and there are hundreds of shapes in a small handle. It is these gadgets that make American furniture more stylish

advocating classicism

neoclassical furniture is common in American furniture. The focus of this style of furniture design is to emphasize elegant carving and comfortable design. While retaining the color and texture of classical furniture, we should also pay attention to adapting to modern living space. On these furniture, we can see gorgeous Maple piping, maple or walnut inlay lines, button like handles, and furniture leg shapes that imitate animal shapes

open multifunctional kitchen

the kitchen is generally open in the eyes of Americans (due to its eating and cooking habits). Restaurants are basically connected with the kitchen, which has a large area and convenient operation. We should also have powerful, simple and durable kitchen equipment, such as residue crusher under the sink, oven, etc. On the other side of the kitchen opposite to the restaurant, there is usually a small light dining area. The multifunctional kitchen is also reflected in the fact that interpersonal communication within the family is often carried out here. These two areas are connected with the living room to form a large area, which has become the focus of family life

pay attention to warmth

don't think that because of the worship of antique, American home is serious and rigid. In this regard, it is different from the characteristics of traditional Chinese home. In fact, many American homes are touching and warm. Because Americans believe that the house is for living, not for appreciation. To make people who live in it or occasionally come and go feel warm is the real design essence of American style home. Modern American style multi-purpose non dazzling lights, and try to achieve the effect of light without light





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