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English vocabulary for metallic materials II

magnetic susceptibility (XM)

magnetic force and magnetic field are generated by the activity of electrons in the material

diamagnetism, paramagnitic, ferromagnetism, Antiferromagnetism



magnetic dipole negative effect


positive susceptibility positive magnetic susceptibility


transition element rgy exchange

external valence electrons

chemical B Ond

spontaneous magnetization

magnetic domain

opposite rotation, Paramagnitic ferromagnetism



magnetic moment of ferromagnet

iron phases

steel phases

name of steel

pure ferrite




austenite Aust (2) Liquid crystal Chinese character display enite

pearlite and CO release steel

pearlite eutectoid

austenitic carbon steel

austenite carbon steel

single phase metal

CO release metamorphosis

eutectoid transformation


ferrous release


preliminary interpretation of pure ferrite Pro entectoid ferrite

hyper co released steel hype eutectoid



Coarse pearlite medium pearlite

fine pearlite

magnetic transformation

manufacturing of steel

manufacturing of steel

continuous casting, and then record the damage load value and the fracture position of the lower edge of the test piece. Main technical parameters and maximum load: accuracy grade: Grade 1 Force measuring range: the digital bending and compression resistance testing machine is mainly composed of support, hydraulic arrangement box, instrument force measuring display and electrical system process

electric furnace

soaking pit

all static steel killed steel 1 (5) minutes; Or take the air bath 160 degree semi killed steel (unclean steel) rimmed steel production flow chart of steel production, forging, extrusion and rolling, Rolling steel





punching and shearing drawing stamping

special steel



classification of special steel according to element

classification of special steel according to purpose

classification of special steel conforming to end usage

easy turning (quick cutting) Stainless steel

free cutting stainless steel

leaded free cutting steel

sulfur containing free cutting steel


brittleness of steel

cold brittleness of steel

brittleness at low temperature

temper brittleness

special steel according to JIS standard

chrome steel daywork Standard JIS g4104

chrome steel to J (this article is from the first model, please keep this mark for reprint.) Is g4104

chromium molybdenum steel daywork standard g4105 62

chrome molybdenum steel to JIS g4105

nickel chromium daywork standard g4102 63

chrome nickel steel to JIS g4102

nickel chromium molybdenum steel daywork standard g4103 64

nickel, chrome molybdenum steel to JIS g4103

high manganese steel daywork standard

high manganese steel to JIS standard

sheet and plate

chapter four strip, Steel plate

cold rolled (low carbon) steel strip (to JIS g 3141)



cold rolled steel strip American Standard American society for

testing and materials (ASTM)

JIS g3141 cold roll low carbon steel sheet (double single light sheet) of daywork standard On the numbering of cold rolled (low carbon) Steel strip JIS g3141

material processability drawing ability


surface finish

production flow chart cold rolled steel coil sheet> classification of cold roller (low carbon) steel sheet End uses, industrial standard, quality, Condition and hardness of

cold rolled steel strip

hardness tensile strength test

tensile test (along grain test)

elongating test

cupping test (thickness: 0.4 mm to 1.6 mm, accurate to 0.1 mm)

erichsen test (thickness: 0.4mm to 1.6mm, figure round up to 0.1mm)

surface (false curvature)


tolerance on thickness width

flatness (width greater than 500 mm, standard tempering)

flatness (width 500mm, temp: standard)

camber camber

tips on storage and handling of cold rolled steel sheets

general advice on handling storage of cold rolled steel coil


rust prevention

rust protection

rust speedometer

speed of rusting


gas welding

resistance welding (tensile force: kg/m2) welding conditions for bare (free from paint, oxides etc) cold

rolled mill steel sheets (t/s: kgf/m2)

time effect (aging) and tensile strain Chemical composition cold rolled steel sheet to JIS g3141 Weight list of cold rolled steel sheet to JIS g3141

jis standard application of other cold rolled special steel

electro galvanized steel sheet or electrolytic steel sheet steel sheet

paint adhesion

plating Welding of zinc steel sheet

welding of electro galvanized steel sheet

spot welding

roll welding

seam welding

electro galvanized (electrolytic) steel sheet

production flow chart

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