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Street lamp/landscape lamp energy saving monitoring system scheme

with the improvement of China's urbanization level and the rapid economic development, the urban lighting system has expanded rapidly. Urban lighting includes street lights, night lights, etc., which directly affect the image of the city and the investment environment. More and more coffee capsules are made of recycled PP materials, reflecting the development level and management level of a city

the street lamp monitoring system is essentially a SCADA system, which realizes the remote telemetry, remote signaling and remote control of street lamps through the most advanced computer technology, electronic technology and software. The significance of street lamp monitoring system is to meet the needs of digital city development; The need to improve the efficiency of street lamp management; Energy conservation has great economic and social benefits as China is still in the stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization. It has been gradually applied in major cities

rt for example, u-205 is a remote control terminal equipment specialized in street lamp monitoring, which is very important for aluminum door and window enterprises to correctly understand the current situation of the industry

stc-205 RTU features: telemetry: 1-way three-phase voltage, 12-way current, active power and power factor, 2-way DC (lighting measurement, etc.) remote control: 6-way relay output, AC 220v12a contact, a group of normally open and normally closed contacts remote communication: 8-way isolation switch input communication: 2-way isolation 232 or 485 interface, MODBUS protocol

stc-205 RTU example diagram:

energy saving:

street lamp monitoring system, 35% of electricity consumption can be saved:

based on 12 street light lines, each line is 50A: half of the lights can be turned on when it is almost dark in the afternoon, all the lights can be turned on before 12:00 in the evening after it is all dark, half of the lights can be turned on after 12:00, all the lights can be turned on around 6:00 in the morning, half of the lights can be turned on when it is a little bright, and all the lights can be turned off when it is completely bright. It can save more than 400 kilowatt hours of electricity compared with before there is no monitoring system. (600A * 220V * 4h * 0.8 power factor = 422.4 degrees)

flexible lighting strategy:

the lights can be switched on and off according to the actual weather conditions:

when it is going to rain during the day and it is very dark, the lights can be switched on remotely in time; When the fog is heavy, the lamp can be turned on remotely in time; When the night is short in summer, the light on time can be shortened; When the night is long in winter, it can extend the time of turning off the lights.

automatic operation and maintenance strategy:

in case of line short circuit, open circuit, abnormal current and voltage over limit, abnormal light on and off, or illegal door opening of the street lamp control box, it will give a real-time alarm in the street lamp monitoring center by means of sound and light, change the passive working mode of street lamp maintenance, and shorten the rush repair time of the street lamp maintenance personnel, And it can realize remote meter reading of accumulated electricity

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