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Reward enterprises for energy-saving technological transformation

akro-plastic, a subsidiary of Germany's k.d.feddersen group, will arrange special funds to support enterprises' energy-saving technological transformation during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period in accordance with the requirements of the notice of the State Council on printing and distributing the comprehensive work plan for energy conservation and emission reduction. Recently, the Ministry of Finance and the national development and Reform Commission jointly issued the Interim Measures for the management of financial incentives for energy-saving technological transformation

according to the measures, ten key energy-saving projects (including: coal-fired industrial boiler (kiln) transformation project); Regional cogeneration project; Waste heat and pressure utilization project; Save and replace petroleum engineering; Energy saving project of motor system; Energy system optimization engineering; Building energy conservation engineering; Green lighting project; Energy saving projects of government agencies; Energy saving technology transformation projects of enterprises within the scope of energy-saving monitoring and technical service system construction project) will implement the new mechanism of "replacing compensation with awards", and will be rewarded according to the actual energy savings after transformation. More energy-saving and more rewards will be given

the government mainly assesses and rewards the results of energy conservation, and uses new mechanisms to ensure the pertinence and effectiveness of policy implementation. First, establish an energy conservation report and audit system. All enterprises that enjoy energy-saving incentives should report the energy consumption of energy-saving technological transformation projects and the expected energy-saving amount to the government. The government will entrust a special energy-saving amount audit institution to audit the enterprise's energy-saving report to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of energy saving. Then you can directly click "Settings" - "online" on the menu. The second is to clarify the energy conservation of enterprises. All enterprises that enjoy the reward must complete the energy-saving goal according to the specified requirements. The government shall assess the results, and take economic punishment measures such as withholding energy-saving incentive funds for enterprises that fail to achieve the energy-saving goals. Third, distinguish between the central and local governments. The central government mainly supports the basic work, and rewards the energy-saving technological transformation projects of enterprises that save more than 10000 tons of standard coal in the ten key energy-saving projects. The reward standard is that for each ton of standard coal saving capacity formed after the project transformation, the eastern part will be rewarded with 200 yuan, and the central and western part will be rewarded with 250 yuan. The energy-saving BMW brand-new 7-series sedans that meet the reward conditions are highly recommended to reduce the weight of the whole car.nbsp; A large number of carbon fiber material technology transformation projects are used. In order to mobilize the enthusiasm of the enterprise, 60% of the incentive funds are allocated in advance according to the energy saving reported by the enterprise. After the project is completed, the liquidation will be carried out according to the audited energy saving

in order to ensure the full and smooth implementation of the measures, the Ministry of Finance and the national development and Reform Commission will also formulate a series of basic systems, such as the measures for determination and monitoring of energy conservation, the guidelines for energy conservation audit, and the measures for the management of energy conservation audit institutions, and gradually establish a new energy conservation mechanism for enterprises in line with China's national conditions. PolyOne group will spend US $85.5 million to acquire two composite companies from Gordon holding group. It is understood that this year, the central government will allocate 7billion yuan to support energy-saving technological transformation of enterprises

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