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What is the principle of far infrared heating method

introduction to far infrared heating technology

far infrared heating technology rose in the early 1970s. It is an energy-saving technology that is mainly promoted. Far infrared heaters are plate-shaped, tubular, lamp shaped and lamp mouth shaped. The energy used is mainly electric energy, but gas, steam, biogas and flue gas can also be used. To improve the heating efficiency by using this technology, it is important to improve the absorption capacity of the heated material to the radiation, so that the molecular vibration wavelength matches the wavelength of the far-infrared spectrum. Therefore, appropriate radiation elements must be selected according to the requirements of the heated object. At the same time, different selective radiation coating materials of light aggregate concrete small hollow block gb/t 15229 ⑵ 002 shall be used, and the surface condition of the heating body shall be improved

compared with traditional heating methods such as steam, hot air and resistance, far-infrared heating has many advantages, such as fast heating speed, good quality of new products, small equipment area, low production cost and high thermal efficiency of experimental steps of gavica softening point tester. Using it instead of electric heating can also improve productivity. Its power saving effect is particularly remarkable. Generally, it can save about 30% of electricity, and even 60% ~ 70% in some occasions. For this reason, this technology has been widely used in the heating, melting, drying, shaping, consumption, curing and other different processing requirements of many products or materials, such as paint, plastic, food, medicine, wood, leather, textiles, tea, tobacco and so on. It is generally believed that the heating and drying of wood, leather, paint and other organic substances, polymer substances and water containing substances has the most significant effect. On some occasions, this technology can be used in the same furnace with aluminum silicate refractory fiber insulation material

far infrared heating technology is a new science. In recent years, with the increasing variety and quantity of far infrared production, its application field is also expanding. Far infrared heating technology has attracted more and more attention. Therefore, the research and application of far infrared radiation materials have broad prospects. The energy-saving principle of far-infrared radiation materials is: the far-infrared radiation materials can effectively convert other energy and be absorbed by the molecular vibration of heated substances, so as to achieve the purposes of heating and drying. It has the characteristics of energy saving, fast heating, no pollution and high thermal efficiency. It can be widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, electromechanical, printing, glass annealing and food. This method can not produce plate products with a thickness greater than 15mm, medical care In terms of civil cooking utensils, heating equipment, etc., the far-infrared ceramic radiation material developed by us is used on the coating of aluminum products, with a time saving rate of more than 40%, a heat utilization rate increment of about 35%, and an energy saving rate of more than 80%. It is an ideal high-efficiency energy-saving material

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