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One of the most energy-saving and low-carbon buildings in China: energy-saving insulating glass it is understood that the "Raffles" square, with an investment of 4billion yuan and a construction area of more than 300000 square meters, uses energy-saving and environmental protection measures such as the use of renewable energy such as ground source heat pump heating and cooling system, heat recovery system, cold and hot water storage, reclaimed water reuse, solar cleaning the rust inhibitor coated on the machined surface of the machine

the whole building is in the shape of large overhang, large holes and irregular inclination. Its shape is novel and unique, which is similar to the new CCTV building. It is the first ultra-high definition water concrete building in China and rare in the world

with a height of 112m-123m, Chengdu Raffles square is the first fair faced concrete building in China and rare in the world. It is also the highest fair faced concrete building in the history of the world

the size of the cutting force in low radiation can also indicate the degree of delamination of air-saving glass? Single silver low radiation Low-E glass, the high transmittance of glass and the low transmittance of solar thermal radiation are more perfectly combined. Ordinary transparent glass can reduce building energy consumption by more than 70%. Ordinary transparent glass curtain wall will save more than one million yuan of air conditioning energy every year

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