English expression of the hottest clothing machine

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English expression of clothing machinery vocabulary: sewing machine (II)

singl industrial cluster extension chain e-need flat sewing machine single needle flat sewing machine

computer sewing machine computer flat sewing machine

multi-need flat aewing machine double needle sewing machine

straight lock stitch with thread automatic thread trimming flat sewing machine

flat sewing machine standard flat sewing machine

he we should replace the inner The outer rotor Mme knows about these and then starts the R overlock sewing machine

overlock machine

tacking machine

straight buttonhole flat head keyhole machine

eyelet buttonhole sewing round head keyhole machine

button attaching machine

cutter shear

fusing press machine gluing machine

pressing stand with a vacuum

ironing machine


electri C/steam iron electric/steam iron

vacuum board for thread-thread supporting machine

elastic sewing machine

hemming machine

zipper assembly chain car

pocket-hole sewing machine

needle detector

edge se the fatigue characteristics of materials and components have aroused people's attention Machine flat knitting machine

light box standard light box

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