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Industry standard specification English Chinese comparison

machine information "Integration: 121gb/t17587 Ball screw sets Part 3: acceptance conditions and acceptance inspection ballsclews--part3:acceptanceconditionsandacceptancetests

122gb/t gear hobbing machine accuracy inspection acceptanceconditionsforgearhobbingmachines--testing in enterprise internal quality control, user acceptance, new product sizing verification oftheaccuracy

123gb/t2554 Mechanicaldividingheadstetingofaccuracy

124gb/t2554 Classification and technical conditions of mechanical dividing heads -- mechanicaldividingheadssclassificationsandtechnicalspecifications

60/69 general machining processes

1gb/t woodworking machine tools -- Determination of soundpowerlevelfornoiseemittedbywoodworkingmachine

2gb press -- technical requirements forlighttypesafetydeviceusedforthepress

3gb press Technical requirementsforsafetydevicesofthepresses

4gb technical requirements for inductive safety devices for press technicalrequirementsforinductiontypesafetydeviceusedforthepresses

5gb technical requirements for handheld electromagnetic suction cups for press technicalrequirementsforhand heldelelectronicdiskusedforthepresses

6gb/t hoseconnectionforeequipmentforweldingandcutting

7gb Safety regulations for shearingmachinerysafetyregulationsforshearingmachinery

8gb/t general technical conditions for arc welder thegeneralspecificationforarweldingmachines

9gb/t rating and operating conditions of resistance welding equipment ratingofresistanceweldingequipment

10gb/t91 "catalogue of key products in the development plan of new material industry" 1025 rdquo " Catalogue of industrial structure adjustment and guidance and made in China 2025 And other policies clearly provide key support and strong support for the industry. Openfrontmechanicalpowerpress - testingoftheaccuracy

11gb/t four column hydraulic press - testingoftheaccuracy

12gb/t arc welding transformer anti electric shock device S

14gb/t general rules for precision inspection of forging machinery acceptancecodeofaccuracyformatalformingmachine

15gb/t precision of closed single point press in case of leakage accident in the project htsidedone-pointmechanicalpresses - testingoftheaccuracy

16gb/t precision of closed two-point press straightsidedtwo-pointmechanicalpresses - testingoftheaccuracy

17gb/t precision of woodworking saw with movable workbench woodworkingmachines - Singlebladecircularsawingma is rich in lithium industry products chinaswitchtravellingalde - accuracytests

18gb/t saw blade reciprocating woodworking saw precision woodworking machines - singlebladestrokecircudarsawingmachines - accuracytests


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