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Comparison between V-cone Flowmeter and orifice flowmeter

everyone knows that the differential pressure flowmeter with orifice, nozzle and Venturi as throttling devices has been successfully applied in industry for more than 100 years. They can determine the relationship between differential pressure and flow without experimental calibration, and can estimate its measurement error. Among them, orifice flowmeter is a typical representative of them. It is simple in structure, firm, easy to copy, strong in versatility and low in price, so it has been widely used. However, those who know the throttling device well should also know that when the orifice flowmeter is used on site, it also has inevitable disadvantages: large pressure loss, small range ratio, and easy to wear. The optimization and improvement of orifice flowmeter has been constantly improved, such as the application of wedge orifice flowmeter for corrosive occasions

however, from the sales volume of the company in recent years, V-cone Flowmeter has opened a new page for differential pressure flowmeter, which is constantly making up for the disadvantages of differential pressure throttling device led by orifice flowmeter. Now let's focus on the measurement principle of V-cone Flowmeter:

because the fluid is not forced to shrink near the center line of the pipe, and it is no longer because a barrier (such as orifice flowmeter) makes the fluid suddenly change the flow direction, but uses the new inner cone throttling device with this structure to realize the gradual contraction (throttling) of the fluid towards the inner wall of the pipe, The V-shaped inner cone throttling device has a series of unique advantages

the section of this throttling device includes improving the clutch reaction time flow in the double clutch variable speed system. Therefore, it has low requirements for fluid flow, and has the function of automatically correcting the velocity distribution of the distorted flow beam, rectification, and eliminating the secondary vortex flow to a large extent, which greatly reduces the requirements of this throttling device for the front and rear straight pipe sections. In addition, this throttling device will only produce high-frequency and low amplitude surge (small eddy current) at its downstream, and the differential pressure will change due to

. For the equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulator, the differential pressure signal measured by the transmitter is a low-noise signal, and the pressure with a resolution better than 25Pa can be measured at the pressure tap of low pressure. In this way, only one differential pressure is used. What are the functional characteristics of the aluminum rope tension machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd? The transmitter can obtain a wide range ratio (range ratio can be greater than 15:1) and good repeatability (better than 0.1%)

however, due to the use time of V flowmeter, there are still some deficiencies compared with orifice flowmeter when it is used on site. For example, when V cone flowmeter wants to obtain high accuracy, it must undergo real flow calibration, which is more cumbersome. There are few original achievements in the development of new products. As a manufacturer, we have the obligation to improve the data of V-cone Flowmeter. We hope that all sectors of society will give us some support. (end)

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