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Comparison between range hood and integrated stove who is the development trend of kitchen utensils in the future

the competition in the kitchen utensils industry has always been fierce, and whether single products or integrated products are more popular is also an enduring topic. In terms of range hoods and integrated stoves, range hoods are older, but they are slightly inferior in terms of functional diversity and smoke absorption rate. The two compete for the first place, which mainly represents the development trend of the kitchen utensils industry in the future, not who should replace who now

with the deepening of the awareness of health and environmental protection, more and more people focus on the problem of kitchen lampblack. As two major smoking artifacts, the integrated stove and lampblack machine have become the choice of most people. The so-called "tiger" is not allowed in one kitchen. Integrated stoves and range hoods are always compared, so who is the first brother of kitchen appliances

in terms of qualification, the range hood should be earlier than the environmental protection integrated stove. In 1984, the first range hood was born in Shanghai. Since then, Shanghai has become the earliest development and production base of range hood. In 2003, China produced the first integrated stove, namely, deep underground integrated stove, which is mainly concentrated in Zhejiang Province and Guangdong Province. B. Sample data: provide users with all sample data set. In terms of time, the range hood was born earlier than the integrated cooker

in comparison, the range hood has a single function and can only be used as a 1-arc synchronous gear with smoking kitchenware. Integrated cooker, as the name suggests, is an integrated kitchen appliance. It can be a range hood, a gas stove, a cabinet and a disinfection cabinet. The integrated stove perfectly accommodates a variety of kitchen electric functions, and the small body has great functions. With the different market demands, at present, the integrated stove also derives from the steamer integration 4. The experimental speed stove of the tensile testing machine and the oven integration stove, with more personalized functions. In terms of functions, the integrated stove is better, and the functions of the integrated stove are more complete and personalized

on smoking rate

range hoods and integrated stoves are famous for "smoking" kitchenware. The range hoods smoke upward and are placed on the head of the human body. The inside of the range hoods generate suction, and the range hoods rise and are inhaled into the body. The integrated stove sucks the lower row on the side and is placed on the ground. Under the principle of micro aerodynamics, the oil smoke is sucked into the machine body. The biggest difference between the two is the distance between the smoking mouth and the edge of the pot. The integrated stove is closer than the range hood, so the smoking effect is good and the smoking rate is higher. In addition, smoking up will cause many inconveniences, such as dripping oil and meeting heads, while side smoking down will save a series of inconveniences

with the exposure of the disadvantages of range hoods and the increasingly obvious advantages of integrated stoves, integrated stoves have become the choice of most users. Although some users still choose range hoods, it is not difficult to predict that integrated stoves will become the mainstream, and the birth and development of integrated stoves is the best proof. It is not so much that the range hood was born earlier than the integrated cooker, but rather that the integrated cooker is the improvement of the range hood. It is the deficiency of the range hood that cannot meet the needs of consumers that the integrated cooker was born. In addition, the number of brands of integrated stoves is increasing, and the products of integrated stoves are diversifying, indicating that the integrated stoves industry is full of development vitality in the same year, and the integrated stoves must have broad development prospects

after some comparison, I believe you have a better understanding of who is the "first brother" of kitchen appliances

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