Comparison between the hottest wood floor and cera

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Comparison between wood floor and ceramic floor

the home needs decoration. Is it better to use wood floor or ceramic tile for home decoration? Ceramic tiles are clean but too popular; The wooden floor is comfortable but difficult to take care of. What should I do? This problem annoys many owners who need decoration. Don't worry, let's invite someone to analyze it in detail for you

is it better to use wood floors or ceramic tiles for home decoration?

as for whether it is better to lay wood floors or ceramic tiles at home, it has always been a controversial issue. The reason is that wood flooring and ceramic tiles have their own advantages. It has wood flooring and ceramic tiles. You can see the advantages and disadvantages of the following two

several reasons for loving wood flooring

natural wood gives people natural texture, comfort and beauty, and has the so-called "high-grade" advantage. If the room is paved with wooden floors, it will not only feel comfortable, but also greatly reduce the impact sound on the floor, making the room warm and quiet

the wooden floor is more "gentle". If the elderly and children fall down, the wooden pad is not easy to walk, causing too much damage, but if it is a ceramic tile, it will fall more seriously

defects of wood flooring

wood flooring is beautiful, but it needs more care and maintenance. The wooden floor is greatly affected by the weather and moderation, and it is easy to be deformed and warped after flooding; Regular waxing and maintenance are required; Easy to be scratched by sharp objects; Compound wood floor also has formaldehyde release; The service life of ceramic tile wood floor is shorter than that if the temperature is 20 ℃ and the relative humidity reaches 20% RH

reasons for preferring ceramic tiles

there are several obvious advantages of current ceramic tiles: easy maintenance, simple maintenance, not easy to hide dirt, no air pollutants, and the strength is very close to steel, long service life, generally will not be scratched, warped, etc. If you prefer convenience, choose the magnetic ring. The size and color of ceramic tiles are also very rich. The decoration effect is equal to that of wooden floors. It is convenient to take care of them. You only need to sweep and wipe them clean

several defects of ceramic tiles

the comfort of ceramic tiles is poor, cold, and the feet feel hard and not warm enough; Poor thermal insulation; The paving of ceramic tiles is complex and the construction is cumbersome; It is easy to slip in wet seasons

the two can be used together according to the requirements of different areas. For example, the walls of kitchens and bathrooms are paved with tiles, and the floors of bedrooms and living rooms are paved with wood floors, giving full play to the advantages of both

after seeing whether the wood floor or ceramic tile for home decoration is better, do you have an answer to the choice of materials for the floor? Whether it's wood floor or ceramic tile floor, the best one is suitable. You can choose from 1 Affirmation of fatigue life: the actual condition under the given failure conditions. 6. When the temperature is close to the set temperature, select the situation

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