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Comparison between prefabricated branch cables and puncture branch cables

electrical equipment is most prone to failure and even fire, most of which occur at the joints. This is especially true for the connection of various cables. There are four ways to connect electrical equipment (including cables):

1. Wrapping connection means that the wires are twisted together

2. Elastic connection refers to the use of elastic pressure contact of metal

3. Mechanical connection tests whether the material quality is qualified, that is, use the screw force to connect the joint

4. Compression connection is convenient for special tools and dies to press joints

according to theory and practice, compression connection is the best of the four connection methods, that is, the most reliable one. Generally, compression connection must be used in medium and high voltage systems

the connection of prefabricated branches adopts the best compression connection, which is made in factory. Its characteristics are:

1. Compression connection, close contact, and the connection piece can compensate the stress of the joint's thermal expansion and cold contraction (that is, the thermal expansion and cold contraction make the contact close all the time), and the contact resistance is small and will not change

2. After compression connection, vacuum deaeration injection molding is carried out in a very short time, so that the connector is completely sealed and strictly isolated from the oxygen in the air, and oxygen corrosion will not occur at the contact, because copper oxide or cuprous oxide will be generated after copper oxidation, which are semiconductors, making the contact resistance larger

3. The manufacturing process is industrialized and mechanized, and the quality brought by human factors is eliminated. Ask the Jinan Times cement pipe ring stiffness test machine

advantages of branch cable connector:

1. Reliable connection, small contact resistance, similar to the conductor resistance of equal length

2. The contact resistance is stable through the compensation effect of the connector

3. The joint is completely sealed and blocked, and the contact will not be oxidized by oxygen in the air, and semiconductor copper oxide or cuprous oxide will not be generated on the contact surface

4. High heat at the joint will not cause insulation aging and reduce electrical performance

5. It can achieve "zero" failure rate, which has been proved in a large number of engineering applications

6. Multi core branch cables can be made, which can adapt to the power supply of frequency conversion and high harmonic systems

7. Maintenance free after installation

8. Long service life. Unless the insulation of the cable is aged and damaged, the contact remains unchanged

disadvantages of pre branching cable connector:

1. It cannot be made on site

2. The branch contact distance needs to be predicted before making

the puncture branch cable joint uses spikes to pierce the cable sheath and contact the insulation layer with the conductor, which can be completed on site. Its manufacturing feature is that the process of extracting vanadium from stone coal is relatively backward:

1. The puncture contact basically belongs to mechanical connection multi-point contact (not surface contact)

2, the contact resistance cannot be controlled

3. The sheath and insulation at the contact are damaged. Although blocking treatment is adopted, air will enter

advantages of puncture branch cable connector:

1. It can be made on site without preliminary measurement, and can branch at any position

2. The installation is relatively convenient

disadvantages of puncturing branch cable joints:

1. The sheath and insulation of cable trunk are damaged, which is a big taboo in electrical engineering

2. The conductor of the cable trunk is punctured and damaged, reducing the current carrying capacity

3. Poor contact reliability, large and unstable contact resistance

4. If it cannot be completely sealed, the contact will be oxidized, making the contact resistance larger

5. The joint will loosen after many times of thermal expansion and cold contraction, and the loosening will become more and more serious with the extension of time

6. Without multi-core puncture branch cable, frequency conversion system and high harmonic system cannot be used

7. Suitable for medium and short-term power supply, not suitable for long-term power supply (connector oxidation or looseness)

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8. It is necessary to regularly inspect and maintain the joints at ordinary times

9. The failure rate is relatively high

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