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Comparison of anti-counterfeiting technology between stamps and paper money

as China's legal circulating currency, RMB uses many superb anti-counterfeiting technologies, and stamps, as a kind of negotiable securities, are the embodiment of postal workers' labor prepayment. With the development of science and technology, stamps also use many anti-counterfeiting technologies, but because paper money and stamps have different characteristics, their anti-counterfeiting is also different, Here is a comparison between the security of paper money and stamps

I. the same anti-counterfeiting technology as paper money and stamps

1 Paper for printing paper money printing has special paper for printing money, and its texture and feel are quite different from those of ordinary paper. At the same time, due to the characteristics of paper money and the application of special technologies, such as the strong liquidity of paper money, the paper for printing money is also stronger than ordinary paper. In recent years, stamps are mostly made of red and blue fiber stamp paper. Only a few manufacturers can produce this kind of paper because of its good anti-counterfeiting performance. If on the aluminum alloy cable connection

2 Engraving intaglio engraving intaglio requires artists to manually carve it with a steel knife, which also has high requirements for artists, so it has good anti-counterfeiting. The engraved banknotes and stamps are very popular because of their clear lines and strong three-dimensional sense. New China's old Jite tickets are mostly engraved versions, and in recent years, photo engraving overprint

3. Watermark pattern watermark is widely used in banknotes and foreign stamps in stamps at this Gabor Expo. Moreover, the watermark patterns of banknotes are rich, such as characters, flowers and plants; Stamp watermark is generally simple, such as five pointed star

4. There are more micro inscriptions and fewer stamps on micro text banknotes

II. Different anti-counterfeiting technologies of paper money and stamps

1 Special anti-counterfeiting technology of stamps

1) perforations anti-counterfeiting perforations are unique to stamps, which are different from paper money. Now there are many special-shaped perforated stamps, which are completed by APS puncher

2) fluorescent ink-jet printing and fluorescent ink-jet printing and ink are also unique anti-counterfeiting technologies for stamps. Now more and more stamps use this technology, which not only plays the anti-counterfeiting function, but also improves the artistry of stamps

2. Special anti-counterfeiting technology of banknotes

1) magnetic micro text safety line the safety line in banknotes is transparent against light, visible text, and the instrument detects magnetism

2) light variable ink denomination number the text printed with this ink is one color when viewed vertically with the face, and another color when tilted at a certain angle

3) invisibility is not easy to choose for the experiment of plastic materials. The denomination number is a trace used in carving. The lower end of the rod is equipped with a ball seat and an upper pressing plate, which are anti-counterfeiting technologies. The use of different lines can form a special pattern

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