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The difference between the traditional heating method of electric heating ring and energy-saving electromagnetic induction heating ring

the difference between the characteristics of the traditional heating method of electric heating ring and the characteristics of energy-saving electromagnetic induction heating ring:

A. large heat loss: the heating method adopted by existing enterprises is wound by resistance wire, the inner and outer sides of the ring are heated, and the heat on its inner surface (close to the barrel) is transmitted to the barrel, Most of the heat outside is dissipated in three ways, which together show that it is lost to the air, resulting in the loss and waste of electric energy

b, the ambient temperature rises: due to a large amount of heat loss, the ambient temperature rises, especially in summer, which has a great impact on the production environment. The on-site temperature exceeds 45 ° C. some enterprises have to use air conditioners to reduce the temperature, which in turn causes a secondary waste of energy

c, short service life and large amount of maintenance: due to the use of resistance wire for heating, its heating temperature is up to about 300 ° C, and the resistance wire is easy to burn out due to high temperature aging. The service life of common electric heating rings is about half a year, so the maintenance work is relatively large

energy saving characteristics of electromagnetic induction heating:

a. good energy saving effect: compared with the original resistance wire heating ring, the power saving effect is more than 30%. Compared with different raw materials and products produced to meet their own needs and even the needs of the world, the power saving effect changes. However, among the products that have been used at present, the maximum power-saving efficiency can reach 80%

B. the environmental protection effect is good: it can significantly reduce the production environment temperature

c, long service life: Lo said that the heating ring will always jump out of many particles, resulting in a lot of dust. The continuous operation temperature is only about 100 ° C. There is no problem of replacing the heating ring, which reduces the secondary input compared with the heating of the original resistance wire

d, it can improve the product output: due to the high heating efficiency of this product and the uniform heating, it can significantly reduce the heating time and improve the product output

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