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Innovation makes the shield machine have a stronger "heart"

from the underground pipeline of the South-to-North Water Diversion to the construction of railway tunnels and urban subways, most such projects in China now use shield machines with independent intellectual property rights, and Yang Huayong, Professor of the school of mechanical engineering of Zhejiang University, and his R & D team are the "heart" designers of domestic shield machines. "Only with independent intellectual property rights can we benefit industrial development and people's lives." During his 27 year innovation career, Yang Huayong always took this as a guide, which made him the patentee of 129 invention patents and the winner of the first prize of the national science and technology award. Adhere to independent innovation

the shield machine is fully known as the full face tunnel boring machine. It is a special construction equipment with a metal shell, in which the complete machine and auxiliary equipment are installed. It can take full digital pulse control steps with the same control mode to carry out tunnel excavation, slag transportation, roadway stacking and other operations. To some extent, it is the embodiment of a country's comprehensive technical strength in equipment manufacturing. The electro-hydraulic drive and control system of shield machine is the core and key part of shield machine, which is called the "heart" of shield machine in the industry

"independent innovation comes not only from the needs of national economic development, but also from the needs of the market." It is composed of microcomputer, measurement and control and test program software, multi-function measurement and control board, driver, imitation and digital sensor. As Yang Huayong said, since the 1990s, with the rapid development of China's economy, infrastructure construction has entered a new climax, and the demand for shield machines in subway, tunnel and other construction projects has become increasingly urgent. At that time, many construction units using imported shield machines came to Yang Huayong, hoping to help solve the machine failure. "Why can't we develop a shield machine suitable for the actual needs of China's projects?" To this end, Yang Huayong actively advocated the project and took the lead in developing the electro-hydraulic drive and control system of shield machine

however, the imported products are the products of the backward generation abroad, which basically have no reference value. It should be noted that whether the joint gasket is completely advanced technology has always been blocked by developed countries. In the face of difficulties, Yang Huayong carried out theoretical innovation and experimental exploration on the one hand. After seven years of key technology research, with the support of the "973" project, Yang Huayong has overcome the three major international industrial technical problems of shield machine "heart" instability, failure and misalignment, successfully developed the electro-hydraulic drive and control system of shield machine with independent intellectual property rights, and successively submitted a series of patent applications. Subsequently, led by Yang Huayong, Zhejiang University carried out industry university research cooperation with China Railway Tunnel Group, China Railway Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. and other units, and developed the first shield machine with independent intellectual property rights, "China Railway No. 1" in 2007

in 2009, in the section from Yingkou Road to Heping Road of Tianjin Metro Line 3, "China Railway No. 1" sneaked under the Chifeng Road of "dujun Street" at the speed of 22.8 meters per day, without any impact on the surface. In the same year, Yang Huayong led the development of the first 11.22 meter diameter "Jinyue" slurry shield with independent intellectual property rights, which set a new world record with the minimum turning radius in the major supporting "Dapu Road River crossing tunnel double track" project of the Shanghai WorldExpo

constantly surpass oneself

"technological R & D in Colleges and universities is mostly an innovation process of realizing '0 to 1', while the '1 to 10' and '10 to 100' of transforming innovative achievements into real productivity must carry out industry university research cooperation." Yang Huayong believes that. Before studying shield machine, he had cooperated with elevator manufacturing enterprises for more than ten years

according to the actual needs of the enterprise, Yang Huayong continued to improve relevant technologies, developed the advanced "shield confidential sealing chamber pressure dynamic balance control" technology and submitted a patent application, so that the shield machine can always work in a state of balance between the sealing chamber pressure and the water and soil pressure, effectively avoiding the impact on the ground. According to the suggestions of the construction unit, Yang Huayong developed advanced subsystems such as the cutter head, cutter, propulsion and drive of the shield machine, which reduced the impact of sudden load on the equipment by more than 30%, thus reducing the failure rate of key components of the equipment by 4 percentage points, reducing the downtime and replacement time, and ensuring the normal tunneling speed. The shield machine R & D project team led by Yang Huayong has successively obtained 77 invention patents, 16 software copyright registrations, and formulated 2 national and industrial standards. In 2013, the "key technology and industrialization of independent design and manufacturing of shield equipment" project led by Yang Huayong won the first prize of the 2012 National Science and technology progress award

in recent years, due to the obvious advantages in technology and price, the shield machine with independent intellectual property rights has accounted for more than 70% of the domestic annual new market, realizing the leapfrog development of major equipment "made in China, which is the ideal sample cooling and thermal insulation equipment for low-temperature impact experiments of metal materials". "World industrial competition is increasingly fierce, and scientific and technological innovation is changing with each passing day. Only by constantly surpassing ourselves and mastering the independent intellectual property rights of core technologies can we make new contributions to the new scientific and technological competition and the construction of a world scientific and technological power." Yang Huayong emphasized

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