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Innovation, the powerful driving force of "reinventing Yuchai"

innovation, the powerful driving force of "reinventing Yuchai"

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Guide: in 2005, Yuchai created a unique Yuchai phenomenon in the industry. In 2006, in an environment of fierce market competition and severe situation, can Yuchai go against the trend and make another success? Yesterday, I found the answer in a statistical report: in 2006, Yuchai group achieved a sales revenue of 14.1 billion

in 2005, Yuchai created a unique "Yuchai phenomenon" in the industry. In 2006, in an environment of fierce market competition and severe situation, can Yuchai go against the trend and make another success? Yesterday, the answer was found in a statistical report:

in 2006, Yuchai group achieved a sales revenue of 14.1 billion yuan, exceeding the revenue target of 13.8 billion yuan set at the beginning of the year, with a year-on-year increase of 16.2%; The total profits and taxes reached 985 million yuan, an increase of 39.4% year-on-year; 360000 diesel engines of various types were produced and 359157 were sold, with a year-on-year increase of 27.4% and 34.3% respectively; The production and sales scale of engines has remained the first in China for three consecutive years, and the production and sales scale of a single plant has ranked first in the world. Yuchai brand ranks 119 among the "top 500 most valuable brands in China", and China's power brand ranks first; Ranked 388th among the first Asian top 500 brands, and is the only power brand selected in Asia...

why can you always see Yuchai driving at high speed on the fast lane? With this question, I walked into Yuchai. After some exploration, I found that there are two words that can dispel doubts and doubts, that is: innovation

management innovation, simplification and integration bring great benefits

in the management innovation of Yuchai in 2006, there are two things that make me feel incredible: one is that Yuchai has streamlined a number of institutions and personnel, but no one has been laid off; The other is that Yuchai saves up to 100million yuan, which is almost equivalent to the annual output value of a medium-sized enterprise

"in the past, there were many temples and monks in Yuchai mechanism, especially many monks who read useless sutras. Some temples must be demolished and those monks who read useless sutras must be driven out to work." Yanping, chairman of Yuchai, made such an analogy in an interview

in the face of overstaffed institutions and redundant personnel, in order to establish a modern enterprise system and adapt to the development of market economy, Yuchai carried out "self denial and self-improvement" and deepened the reform of labor, personnel and distribution systems, one of which is to streamline management personnel. At present, the functional departments of the group company are reduced from 8 to 5, with a reduction of 37.5%; The number of staff was reduced from 60 to 48, a reduction of 20%; Only one deputy general manager is reserved in the headquarters of the company to take charge of the work of the organ, and the other deputy general managers are arranged to serve as the full-time chairman of the subsidiary. The functional departments of the joint-stock company were merged from 20 departments into 16 departments, and more than 100 people were streamlined; The number of deputy general managers was reduced from 8 to 5. All the reduced personnel have been enriched to work in the production line. It is particularly worth mentioning that this reform has reduced, diverted and transferred more than 200 people in the whole group, but no one has been laid off

today, with the increasingly fierce market competition, diesel engines have entered the era of low profits. Only by careful calculation can we improve the cost performance of products and meet the needs of market competition. Yuchai knows this well

for this reason, Yuchai has implemented the cost reduction project and established a cost center around the goal of establishing an energy-saving enterprise, which has been spread out in all aspects from technology, management, sales, procurement and manufacturing systems, greatly saving costs and producing better economic benefits. Yuchai's annual cost savings of up to 100million yuan came from this

Yuchai's management innovation goes far beyond this: improve the corporate governance structure and innovate the management mode of enterprise groups; Improve the performance appraisal system to reflect the operation and management of the whole staff; Integrating group resources and realizing resource sharing... These innovative measures have raised Yuchai's management level to a new level and added new impetus

On February 26th, 2006, Yuchai made an amazing move: it grandly launched China's first Euro 4 diesel engine YC6L-40 with independent intellectual property rights, which broke the monopoly of European and American countries on this technology, five years ahead of China's mandatory emission standards, and effectively promoted the comprehensive upgrading of domestic diesel engine emissions

from this example, we can see that Yuchai's technological innovation has led the industry in China

in the current "gray" style of the internal combustion engine industry, Yuchai can still clearly see the benign pull of energy conservation and environmental protection policies on product quality requirements. In this regard, Yuchai established the strategic idea of "green development, harmony and win-win" last year, adhered to the leading product applicability research and development idea, increased investment around the two themes of energy conservation and environmental protection, fully mobilized the enthusiasm of scientific and technological talents, strengthened cooperation with domestic and international famous universities and scientific research institutions, and focused on the development of "green power", It has embarked on a technological innovation route of "improving product technology and improving product structure"

technological innovation cannot be separated from talents. In the interview, I saw a group of scientific and technological talents in Yuchai's "credit book": Zhuo bin and Li Qin, two experts, took the lead, trained and led a number of technical teams, and helped the company's technicians master the matching and calibration technologies of relevant Euro 3 and Euro 4 emission certification, such as electronic control calibration, supercharger matching, catalytic selection of experimental machine converter matching with superior performance and good quality; Cui Huabiao is specialized in many functions. With a high degree of enthusiasm and focus, he is responsible for the power matching of the company, presides over the development of special engines and the reduction of fuel consumption...

it is with this group of hard-working scientific and technological talents that Yuchai's technological innovation can take the lead in the country in 2006: the nine series of diesel engines have reached the national 3 standard; Successfully developed the first CNG gas engine in China that meets the national 4 emission standard; It has independently developed China's first 1.2 and 1.3-liter displacement micro car diesel engine, which is also the smallest in the world. In 2007, it will be equipped with domestic cars, which will make curve operation easier and easier to enter the market, and once again fill the gap in national manufacturing. What's more gratifying is that Yuchai won two "863" national high-tech cutting-edge research projects as a supporting unit for the first time not long ago, which further established Yuchai's leading position in the development of domestic heavy-duty vehicle engines

marketing innovation, pay more attention to economic benefits

"in 2006, Yuchai diesel engine sales hit a new high, mainly because of the innovative marketing model." Wuqiwei, President of Yuchai marketing company, concluded in an interview

last year, Yuchai marketing company made a major adjustment to the original operation and management mode. The four business segments of engine, logistics, complete vehicle and accessories returned to each parent company respectively, and implemented independent operation, self responsibility for profits and losses, self-discipline and self-development, which greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of each segment of the marketing company. At the same time, it also made each independent company change from one-sided pursuit of development scale to pay more attention to economic benefits while pursuing scale, The business quality has been significantly improved, and all business segments are developing in a healthy and stable direction

I learned from the interview that in March, 2006, the "Golden Phoenix" bus equipped with yuchaiguo 3 diesel engine successfully completed the task of receiving representatives of the "two sessions" during the national "two sessions", and became a beautiful scenic spot in the capital. This is a victory of Yuchai's marketing strategy

with keen market insight, Yuchai's marketing team cooperates closely with the OEM, plans carefully and organizes carefully. For Dongfeng and Hongyan, the special promotion policy of 6m heavy truck has been implemented, and the promotion scheme of Euro 3 engine and the promotion policy of Yuchai 6m supporting 50 loader have been formulated. At the same time, the construction of service stations has been optimized, integrated and improved. By increasing the number of service stations, shortening the service radius, rectifying the style of work, quantitative management, strengthening return visits and other measures, the service quality has been improved and the service competitiveness of the leading industry has been improved

in 2006, the sales segments of Yuchai marketing company grew steadily: the truck market achieved a year-on-year growth rate of -9% in the first half of the year to 15% in the whole year; The growth of the passenger car sector has greatly exceeded the overall growth rate of the industry, and has successfully entered the new field of passenger car and pickup truck market, which has laid a good foundation for substantial growth this year and in the future. Continuous innovation and development. Standing at the new starting point of 2007, we can still feel the innovative steps of Yuchai coming to us: concept innovation to enhance culture; Cultivate advantages through product innovation; Opening up space for marketing innovation; Cost innovation improves efficiency; Financing innovation to expand strength; Mechanism innovation and sustainable vitality... In order to "rebuild the surface of the friction wheel in the gearbox without refueling or splashing oil stains, Yuchai is moving forward bravely towards the business goal of 16.8 billion yuan this year

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