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Innovative mode makes Yingkong scientific management win-win future

in 2009, in the context of the global financial crisis, Hangzhou Yingkong Automation Co., Ltd. rose in China. The company specializes in the R & D, production, sales and services of industrial automation control systems, and is committed to providing whole process solutions for municipal, environmental protection, metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, chemical and other industries. Its products basically cover the product requirements of the special material field for the recycling and modification of waste cross-linked PE cable materials in the process industry

Yingkong, a wholly-owned subsidiary established by ABB, was registered in August 2009. The upper fixture was installed in the lower part of the weight holder, and officially put into operation in August 2010. During the one-year trial operation, Obama and Biden looked at the 3D printed carbon fiber Shelby Cobra with great interest. Yingkong has developed rapidly and has completed dozens of projects

according to its disclosure, Yingkong has currently deployed sales personnel in more than a dozen major provinces, and will set up about 10 local branches by 2011 to establish a nationwide sales and engineering service system

the relevant person in charge of Yingkong said that Yingkong has always put excellent operation in the first place, with lean production mode and simplified organization, and more scientific cost control, so that Yingkong has more conditions to provide customers with high-quality technology and services at a reasonable price. However, the person in charge also pointed out that Yingkong will never pry the market in the way of price war, and will not seek development in the way of price war in the future. Yingkong will uphold the concept of fast, customized and high-quality service, and win-win future with Chinese users

according to Yingkong company, Yingkong's highlight series large and medium-sized control system and HT 600 small and medium-sized control system have been successfully put into operation, with high reliability, supporting CPU, bus, power supply, i/o redundancy, controller support download, convenient maintenance, support hot plug, support multiple field buses, such as PROFIBUS DP, foundation fieldbus, Hart, MODBUS, unified engineering configuration tool, powerful offline simulation function, etc, It has been highly recognized by users. This is largely due to Yingkong's unique cost-effective products, rapid response services and advanced company management, which quickly won the trust of users. The general manager of Yingkong pointed out

insiders said that with the rapid improvement of China's industrial level, localized R & D and services are increasingly valued by domestic users. Yingkong organically combines the world's top R & D model with domestic local needs through elite R & D personnel living in China. This will effectively promote the improvement of the overall domestic R & D level, so as to promote the development of the industry and provide better products for Chinese users. It was also learned that Yingkong made a wonderful debut with its flagship products at MICONEX, an automation industry event held in Beijing from September 6 to 9

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