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On January 16, 10 days before the Spring Festival, Weichai group held a staff meeting to "roll up your sleeves and work hard for 100 days, produce and sell 180000" to kick off the new year. The Spring Festival in 2017 was thus finalized in Weichai

Weichai chairman Tan Xuguang

Weichai chairman Tan Xuguang: "we hold a mobilization meeting of '180000 production and sales in 100 days' to cheer everyone up, go all out to win high production and ensure orders, strive to meet the needs of market customers, seize opportunities and achieve better and faster development."

since last October, the heavy truck market has warmed up, and Weichai engines are in short supply. Trucks waiting for loading in Weichai logistics park have lined up a long working frequency team to adjust the experimental machine. Some customers wait three or four days in Weifang before loading. Weichai's production workshop is full of orders and full production, which still cannot meet the market demand

At the beginning of the new year, Weichai continued the hot situation since the fourth quarter of last year, with full order demand, and Weichai engines in short supply

for this reason, Weichai has held special meetings for many times, requiring the whole group to make concerted efforts to support the production line, tilt various resources to the front line, and establish a rapid response mechanism for the technology, quality, manufacturing and other departments to help solve the production problems to meet the energy-saving needs of users to the greatest extent, and meet the huge needs of the market and customers

analyze the internal causes of the hot Weichai engine market, and a clear vein runs through it - constantly adhere to product upgrading, innovation and development. In Tan Xuguang's words, it is "to adhere to scientific and technological innovation and create world-class and high-value products with the most cost competitiveness, core technology competitiveness and quality competitiveness."

Weichai, which has always adhered to the innovation orientation, has always maintained a high investment in R & D in the past decade, no matter how the market situation changes, with a cumulative investment of more than 15 billion yuan, accounting for more than 5% of R & D every year, reaching the level of an international leading enterprise. Today, Weichai has the industry's only National Key Laboratory of internal combustion engine reliability, national enterprise technology center, and national commercial vehicle powertrain Engineering Technology Research Center, with world-class R & D capabilities. Its R & D centers in the United States, France, Germany, Italy and other places have gathered the world's top scientific and technological talents. In terms of scientific and technological innovation, the reform of system and mechanism has created a good innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem and built an innovation pattern of global collaborative research and development

with the support of first-class system and mechanism and abundant funds, Weichai products continue to make breakthroughs and upgrades. In 2015, Weichai launched the first 13 liter engine in China, leading China's heavy truck industry to upgrade to high-power. At present, Weichai WP13 has a share of more than 50%, becoming a leading product leading the development of China's heavy-duty engines; In 2016, the first product of Weichai h platform was launched. With a B10 service life of 1.8 million km/30000 hours, a high standard of hot forming processing performance of materials with the highest service life of high-speed heavy-duty engines was established; Since October 2016, Weichai wp3n, wp17, M55, 12m26 and other series of high-end engines have been listed in batches, leading the transformation and upgrading of China's direct measurement radius and strain equipment manufacturing industry

"WP13, a high-power engine developed and reserved in the past two years, performed well as soon as it was put on the market last year, contributing 1.8 billion yuan in sales in the first 10 months." Li Shaohua, vice president of Weichai Power, said that this is the epitome of the hot Weichai engine market and the response and return of the market to Weichai product innovation

innovation driven towards high-end

in the gentle warm wind of the market, Weichai started its journey towards high-end. At the 70th anniversary meeting of Weichai group, Tan Xuguang elaborated Weichai's dream - to move towards high-end and span a century

there is no doubt that today's Weichai is not only Weifang's and Shandong's Weichai, but also China's and the world's Weichai. Weichai, which has completed the global industrial layout, has built a strategic pattern of balanced, healthy and coordinated development of five major businesses: automotive business, engineering machinery, powertrain, luxury yacht, finance and services, and has stridden towards the high end

for moving towards high-end, chairman Tan Xuguang believes that its connotation includes many aspects:

significantly enhance the brand value of Weichai and make Weichai's engine brand famous all over the world; Build a research and development platform for high-end products for scientific and technological personnel. In new fields, all research and development personnel will be exposed to the most advanced concepts and working methods, and each participant will be greatly improved; Train a group of global marketing personnel to sell high-end engines worldwide; To build a first-class craftsman team, we should not only design the world's most advanced engine, but also rely on the craftsman team to produce the most advanced engine

in his opinion, Innovation can drive enterprises to high-end: "The pattern of science and technology determines the pattern of competition. Today, only scientific and technological innovation can solve the problem of enterprise survival and development. Weichai should always lead the development with science and technology, drive the development with innovation, increase R & D investment, gather high-end talents, integrate global R & D resources for my use, and build the industry's top R & D capability. We should speed up the move towards the high end, challenge the world's first, and create the highest quality World class and high-value products with core technology and cost competitiveness. To continuously improve the level of technology research and development, we should not only learn from 1 to N, but also dare to make breakthroughs from 0 to 1. Weichai people just want to think about things that others haven't thought of, do things that others haven't done, and really attack the no man's land and stand on the top of the scientific and technological world. "

looking back, Weichai can grow into a 100 billion level enterprise, establish leading advantages in many strategic markets, and become an important spokesman for made in China to go global. Innovation drive is undoubtedly the biggest internal driving force. The latest example is that 20 days ago, Weichai Power signed a cooperation agreement with Shenhua Group and entropy zero group to establish a national large-scale energy equipment product innovation strategic alliance to jointly develop large-scale mining truck engines and related parts, so as to break the monopoly of foreign brands on domestic high-end high-power engine products and promote the upgrading of China's large-scale energy equipment products

in fact, the same story is being played out from the expansion of enterprises to industries and even made in China. At a recent press conference held by the State Council office, Xu Shaoshi, director of the national development and Reform Commission, introduced the situation related to leading the new normal of economic development and deepening the supply side structural reform, saying that innovation driven industries have moved towards the middle and high end, and some loud and countable major scientific and technological innovation achievements are constantly emerging. For example, China Tianyan and Guizhou 500 meter diameter telescopes have been put into use. Shenwei Taihu light supercomputer has the highest computing speed in the world, and so on

in Tan Xuguang's view, as a leading enterprise in the industry, Weichai's subversion and innovation not only bring vitality to the enterprise itself and promote the enterprise to move towards the high-end in an all-round way, but also have great Exploratory Significance for the entire Chinese equipment manufacturing industry:

-- product innovation stimulates consumer demand and upgrading, and expands effective supply, which is to implement the national "supply side reform" requirements with practical actions; Scientific and technological innovation + craftsman spirit reflects not only the pursuit of core technology and core competitiveness, but also the persistence of product quality and quality, which is the only way for Chinese traditional manufacturing to move from low-end to high-end

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