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The application of digital water anti-counterfeiting technology in the alcohol industry (I)

Economic Analysis of digital watermark anti-counterfeiting technology


counterfeiting and counterfeiting have been illegal and criminal activities for a long time, which can be said to have existed since ancient times, and it is also an inevitable product of economic competition in the commodity market. With the progress of society, especially the development and popularization of science and technology, it also provides enough technology for counterfeiters and counterfeiters to make use of their counterfeiting. In addition, the management of the research, production, sales and use of anti-counterfeiting technology products is out of control. Driven by interests, illegal and criminal activities such as making, selling and selling counterfeits have become "the second largest public hazard in the world after drug trafficking". In terms of the international market, in today's world, fake and shoddy products have become an international economic phenomenon, and the economies of all countries have been invaded by fake and shoddy products to varying degrees. According to statistics, the counterfeit products packaged and printed in the world are still increasing at a rate of at least 20% every year. According to the anti-counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau of the International Chamber of Commerce, fake and inferior commodities account for about 5% of the world trade volume every year, about US $100billion

Sichuan has world-class famous wines such as Wuliangye, Quanxing, Luzhou Laojiao, Jiannanchun and Langjiu, as well as upstarts such as Jiangkou alcohol and xiaojiaolou. As shown in Figure 1, the annual losses caused by counterfeiting are as high as hundreds of millions of yuan. The second is the loss of money. More importantly, I'm afraid that fake wine will ruin the brand of real wine. Just like the case of fake liquor in Shuozhou in 1998, it almost destroyed the whole liquor making industry in Shanxi, including Millennium brands such as Fenjiu and Xinghua village

in recent years, due to the emergence of a large number of fake and inferior products, the government and relevant departments have attached great importance to combating fake and inferior products. Premier Zhu once pointed out that "cracking down on fake and shoddy goods is related to politics, the prestige of the government, and the future of the country and the nation", Premier Zhu also pointed out in his speech at the economic work conference held by the Central Committee in November 2001 that "we should further crack down on the illegal and criminal activities of manufacturing and selling fake and shoddy commodities. In particular, the production and sale of fake food, drugs, medical devices, and so on are directly harmful to people's lives and health, which is deeply hated by the masses and must be severely dealt with"

in recent years, the relevant departments and manufacturers of the state have spent a lot of money time and again, and have adopted various anti-counterfeiting measures and legal means to fight against it. However, due to the inducement that high profits can almost replace copper products with modified nylon now, criminals are more and more advanced, and the existing anti-counterfeiting technologies and means can no longer meet the current development needs

Yufei digital watermarking technology will provide better technology and services for the development of anti-counterfeiting technology of alcohol products. Let us work together to ensure the health and safety of the people, maintain the normal business order of manufacturers, further improve economic efficiency, curb rampant counterfeiting, counterfeiting and other illegal and criminal activities, and promote the healthy and efficient development of alcohol products


Chengdu Yufei Information Engineering Co., Ltd. is the first research and development group in the world to overcome the printing and printing digital watermarking technology, and passed the achievement appraisal organized by the national science and technology department at the beginning of this year. This technology is currently at the international leading level. The China anti counterfeiting technology association held a large-scale "digital watermarking anti counterfeiting technology demonstration" in Beijing on August 7, 2003, which was attended by more than 20 ministries and commissions, including the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of public security, well-known experts and scholars in related fields, professional anti counterfeiting companies, and many representatives of major media in the capital. At the meeting, Professor libingfa, an internationally renowned software expert and inventor of "printing and printing digital watermarking technology", made a wonderful report and demonstration. Xinhua News Agency issued a press release entitled "digital watermarking provides a new method for anti-counterfeiting and copyright protection". Authoritative media such as people and science and technology published reports in prominent positions. CCTV made special interviews and reports, which attracted the attention and attention of relevant national departments, It has caused a great sensation in the industry. People, Xinhua, CCTV international, China Science and technology and other 40 well-known stations and a number of local media have forwarded relevant reports in prominent positions. (see Appendix)

on September 18, 2003, Beijing kairuichuangxian Technology Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Yufei information engineering company signed a cooperation agreement on the promotion of digital watermarking technology in the field of "publishing and printing". So far, it marks that the achievements of digital watermarking technology, an international cutting-edge scientific and technological field, have officially stepped down the stage of the laboratory and began to provide services for today's diversified production and life

the main problems of the anti-counterfeiting technology used in the market when processing glass fiber reinforced materials at present

the anti-counterfeiting technology used in the market at present has many disadvantages in the application process, such as poor technical monopoly and uniqueness; Easy to forge and disclose core technologies; Adaptability is not strong enough, etc. The specific manifestations of these problems are:

the technical exclusivity and uniqueness of the existing anti-counterfeiting technology are poor

at present, counterfeiting and shoddy are increasingly rampant. Various anti-counterfeiting technical measures, such as special materials, anti-counterfeiting paper, anti-counterfeiting ink, anti-counterfeiting identification code and the use of special printing technology, did play a preventive role in a certain range when they first appeared, but not long after, there was a flood of anti-counterfeiting technology product manufacturers, and even the anti-counterfeiting technology itself was imitated, or the anti-counterfeiting technology was leaked

the technology content of anti-counterfeiting technology is not high

anti-counterfeiting technologies such as multiple laser anti-counterfeiting, one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar code anti-counterfeiting, fluorescent anti-counterfeiting, variable temperature anti-counterfeiting, analog watermark (also known as physical watermark) anti-counterfeiting have indeed played a good role in the early stage of development, but due to its low technology content, it was quickly decoded and mastered by counterfeiters, resulting in a large number of underground factories and counterfeit products

technology update is slow, randomness is poor, and adaptability is not strong enough.

once many anti-counterfeiting technologies are adopted, the core technology and process flow will be difficult to change, or even remain unchanged. It can play an anti-counterfeiting role in the short term, but because it is difficult to update and improve technology, and the randomness is poor, it is easy to be counterfeited and used by illegal elements. Others have poor compatibility and interaction with other anti-counterfeiting technologies, which greatly reduces the anti-counterfeiting effect. If enterprises adopt the above anti-counterfeiting technologies, they need to increase the investment in fixed assets, increase the production cost, and change their specific steps by referring to the original production process and process above. The application conditions are very harsh

the anti-counterfeiting market is chaotic

because high-tech anti-counterfeiting technology requires very professional knowledge, it is generally difficult to understand and accept. In order to meet the needs of customers' consumption psychology, printing anti-counterfeiting technology mostly adopts public identification and anti-counterfeiting. Ordinary people can identify the authenticity directly, or with the help of general tools and simple physical or chemical methods. Therefore, some seemingly novel low-performance anti-counterfeiting products take low prices as bait, which is easy to deceive people. This low-level anti-counterfeiting logo is also easy to be copied and counterfeited in a short time

it can be seen that the printing anti-counterfeiting technology must break through the limitations of materials, design and special printing equipment, increase the content of high-tech anti-counterfeiting, increase the strength of comprehensive anti-counterfeiting, and improve the anti-counterfeiting performance of printed matter

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