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The application of digital multimedia technology in packaging and decoration design

in today's digital age, how to perfectly combine traditional packaging and decoration design with digital multimedia technology is a new topic in front of designers. This paper expounds from the aspects of packaging and decoration design, relevant computer design technology, computer design software, etc

I. packaging and decoration design

packaging and decoration design can not only convey commodity information through artistic means, but also play the role of advertising, so as to improve the added value of products and promote sales. Packaging and decoration design mainly includes: conceptual design, text design, graphic design, color design and other links

1. Conception design

conception is the soul of design. Due to the limitation of time and space, packaging design cannot be comprehensive, but can only focus on performance. The determination of key points is mainly aimed at the comparison and selection of relevant materials in three aspects: commodity, consumption and sales. The basic point of selection is to help improve sales. Including the trademark image, brand meaning, function and utility, origin background, local factors, consumption objects, other relevant characteristics, the status of similar packaging design, etc

2. Text design

text plays an important role in commodity packaging and decoration design. Compared with graphics, it is the most direct way of commodity information transmission. When designing, we should choose fonts based on the theme content, and pay attention to the consistency between the content and the meaning of the font in the shape or symbol. Pay attention to the harmony of fonts when designing

for advertisements based on graphics, fonts should be subordinate to graphics in terms of visual effect. The word pictures should be interspersed and overlapped with each other, and organically combined into a whole, so as to strengthen the unified visual effect of the advertising picture; If the font based advertising, font is in a dominant position, task or commodity image is in a subordinate position, we should pay attention to the arrangement of font and graphic position

3. Graphic design

as the language of commodity packaging and decoration design, graphics can reflect commodity image, logo image, consumer image, application description image, auxiliary decoration image, etc. Graphics are mainly divided into concrete graphics and abstract graphics. Figurative graphics include photographic graphics and realistic painting graphics, which can truly express the image of goods and are widely used in packaging. Although abstract graphics have no direct meaning, they can guide consumers' associative feelings about commodities and have great potential in the visual performance of packaging

4. Color design

the color on the package is the most influential factor affecting vision. It is easy to leave a deep impression on consumers to solve the problems brought by plastic. Therefore, in designing commodity packaging, we must attach great importance to the collocation of colors. The success of a commodity packaging decoration design depends on the designer's use and collocation of colors to some extent. In color design, we should pay attention to several problems: in terms of color matching, we should use one tone to dominate the whole for the overall unity of multi-color cooperation, which is called unified color matching; There should be key colors when matching colors. You can take a certain color as the key color. The key color should use a color stronger than other colors, and the key color should be used on a very small area; Pay attention to the rhythm of color matching

the concept of computer color

the formation of computer image color: the color of computer image comes from the calculation and combination of bits

grayscale: the combination of black and white groups is similar to the gray scale in vision. The gray-scale image has 256 tones, which looks similar to the traditional black-and-white photos; In addition to black and white, there are 254 shades of gray. The computer displays these 256 tones with 8-bit information

fullcolor: it refers to all the colors that RGB trichromatic light can display. Each color light is represented by 8 bits, and there are 256 kinds of tones. The interactive increase or decrease of trichromatic light can display 16 of 24bit. Of course, this is a willing analysis of 770000 colors (256*256*256= 16777216) from the control itself. This value is the highest color that computers can express, which is commonly known as rgbturecolor

hi color: the display mode is a 16 bit display mode, which can display 65536 colors, also known as 64K colors

true color: the display mode is a 24 bit display mode, which can display 16.77 million colors, also known as 16m colors

color mode: additive RGB mode, mixing light waves of different colors to form white light. RGB value of 255255255 indicates white. If the three primary colors of light (rgb: 0,0,0) are completely removed, black will be generated. Subtractive method -cmyk mode, that is, to generate color by reducing light waves. RGB (red, green and blue) is used on the display, and CMY (cyan, magenta and yellow) is used on the printing device

color management: a color management software system that performs color system conversion according to the output device

II. Software for packaging and decoration design

1 Computer two-dimensional design software

* Photoshop

Photoshop was born in the 1980s and is a product of adobe. At present, the highest version of Photoshop is 8.0. It is mainly used for image processing and synthesis. Photoshop, as the core post image processing software in computer art, has perfect functions, friendly interface and easy operation

* CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW is a suite of multiple software. Developed by Corel. Graphics processing is a strong point, because it uses geometric algorithm to record visual color information, so there are fewer files and faster processing speed. CorelDRAW has non rich drawing tools and graphics tools, which are used for text processing, graphics processing, text and text mixing, vector graphics to bitmap, bitmap to vector graphics, desktop publishing, Publish coreld Online "Raw has provided powerful functions at the IWCS conference. Corel recently launched the latest CorelDRAW X3, which has more than 40 new attributes and enhanced features. CorelDRAW X3's intuitive image design, page design, illustration and other programs are suitable for packaging design.

* illustrator and freehand

illustrator, like freehand and CorelDRAW, belong to vector software. Illustrator is a product of adobe and freehand is Macromedia Products of the company. When illustrator is doing packaging design, it is very convenient to draw corner lines. In the current field of vector drawing, freehand has been keeping pace with Illustrator and CorelDRAW, and freehand has obvious advantages in word processing. Freehand is also easy to use in operation, and is perfect in publishing and online publishing

2. Computer 3D design software

* 3ds Max

3dsmax is a veteran 3D animation software applied to PC platform, developed by Autodesk company. It has excellent multi-threaded computing ability, supports multi processor parallel computing, rich modeling and animation capabilities, and excellent material system. At present, the number of users of 3dsmax in China is much higher than that of other 3D software. It provides two global lighting systems with exposure control, photometric lighting, and novel shading methods to control the real rendering performance. 3dsmax also has the best Direct3D workflow (DirectX can be used). Users can add real-time hardware shading by themselves, and can easily render works through map rendering, normal rendering, ray rendering, and fixed-point color baking technology that supports radiosity. The current maximum version of 3ds Max is 8.0

* maya

maya is a product of alias company, which is applicable to three platforms: windows, Linux and Mac OS X. At present, the highest version is 7.0. Maya 7.0 integrates ATI's real-time interactive shading technology in the form of Ashli plug-ins. Relying on hardware accelerated shading technology, users can skillfully operate interactive shaders in the software, preview and modify them at any time, so as to save working time and improve work efficiency

* other 3D software

in addition to 3dsmaxmaya, there are many other 3D software. For example, Softimage, lightwave 3D, pyce, rhino, poser, world build, etc. These three-dimensional software have their own strengths

if you want to be an excellent packaging designer, it is far from enough to master only a few plane software. When advanced non-ferrous materials are used in the fields of rail transit, aerospace and power electronics, you should master a little three-dimensional software as much as possible, because many effects cannot be achieved with plane software, and three-dimensional design will have more impact than plane design

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