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Innovation is one of the key driving factors to achieve economic growth

since the beginning of the 21st century, the whole manufacturing equipment and process level of China's paper industry have undergone earth shaking changes through absorption and introduction. Although some Chinese paper-making enterprises are making efforts to carry out independent innovation and realize free intellectual property rights, compared with the world's paper-making developed countries, the gap is not large. We need to continue to strengthen our efforts to improve our independent innovation ability, as well as the R & D and innovation of high-tech products and high-tech, so as to continuously adapt to the market and the higher requirements of the processing field such as amplification and filtering of the 1-price electrical signal: Jiayan 11

innovation is one of the key driving factors for a country to achieve economic growth and sustainable economic development. With the increasingly fierce global market competition, the company must speed up innovation and develop products or services with commercial value. Although the control method is relatively simple, 1. The traditional innovation mode, that is, the conservative innovation mode, can no longer meet the needs of the company's innovation and development. In order to meet this challenge, companies are tending to adopt a new innovation strategy

facing the intensification of global competition and the rise of R & D costs, companies began to no longer rely solely on their internal R & D resources. They began to seek a more open innovation model - open innovation, especially some multinational companies, which extended their R & D and innovation activities in the whole global value chain. The company's innovation activities have become more and more global. They began to cooperate with external partners in order to carry out product research and development before competitors, and put the newly developed products on the market as soon as possible, so as to obtain a larger market share faster. At the same time, innovation is becoming more and more democratic, because users of products and services, companies or individual users are involved in the process of open innovation

in recent years, the start-up innovation model has become a necessary part of the innovation strategy and the company's business model. Gradually, innovation goes beyond the boundaries of the company, and is more based on knowledge assets. Cooperation has become a very important way to use external knowledge resources, generate new ideas, and market them

the biggest benefit of open innovation to the company is to provide the company with more ideas and technologies. The company regards open innovation as close cooperation with external partners, including customers, consumers, researchers, etc. The motivation of cooperation is to seize new business opportunities, share risks, share complementary resources, and realize real cooperation. The company regards open innovation as a strategic tool that can tap new growth opportunities with low risks. The open technology outsourcing enables the company to use the fixture reasonably and correctly without incurring huge costs, which is conducive to the smooth progress of the experiment, has more flexibility, and accelerates the company's response to the market

open innovation increases the selectivity of innovation methods, but does not completely replace the existing innovation mode, that is, the so-called traditional and conservative innovation mode. These two innovation modes complement each other

of course, open innovation does not mean free access to knowledge or technology. Although open resources refer to available royalty free technologies, open innovation still involves companies paying licensing/patent fees for intellectual property

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