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Innovation is the soul of specialization, special innovation and leveraging transformation

"this year, the Ministry of industry and information technology will systematically select a number of typical experiences from small and medium-sized enterprises in quality benchmarking activities, carry out publicity and promotion, and support the competitive development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

"Innovation is not a snow in the sun. It is not only manned spaceflight and high-speed rail equipment that have innovative achievements. All kinds of big and small innovations emerging in endlessly are the power source for China's industrial transformation and upgrading and from big to strong." At the 2014 national quality and technology award conference and the 12th National Six Sigma conference held recently, Changsha nanshang, Deputy Department of science and technology of the Ministry of industry and information technology, made the above statement

nowadays, developed countries have laid out advanced manufacturing industries, and the "made in China 2025" is about to be released. In the view of Wu Xiaobo, Dean of the school of management of Zhejiang University and distinguished professor of Changjiang Scholars, every enterprise's survival is to ensure a certain profit space. The future development path of made in China should be based on quality, adhere to innovation drive, and accelerate intelligent transformation

innovation creates quality brands

in recent years, China's labor costs have risen, resources and environmental constraints have been tightened, and the low-cost advantage of production factors has been significantly weakened, while other emerging economies have taken advantage of the relatively lower cost advantage of production factors to form a substitution effect on China. At the same time, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, such as IOT, big data, new energy Intelligent robots and other technologies have achieved group breakthroughs, promoting the emergence of emerging manufacturing formats such as industry 4.0, intelligent manufacturing, and R & D platforms

"these changes are not only opportunities for China to implement innovation drive and catch up with and surpass the host configuration of advanced cupping tester, but also realistic and urgent challenges. Now it is not a question of whether we want to innovate, but if we do not innovate, even if the innovation is slow and less, we will lose the opportunity and power of development." Sha nanshang said

in Sha nanshang's view, innovation and quality brands complement each other, innovation casts quality brands, and quality brands feed back innovation. "Both quality and brand are centered on meeting customer needs. Innovation is to improve quality and innovation is to cultivate brands. It can be said that without innovation, there is no real high quality."

Jia Fuxing, President of China Quality Association, also believes that quality is the basis for the survival and development of enterprises, and innovation is the soul of sustainable development of enterprises. Quality management facing the future should take cultivating innovative consciousness and developing innovative ability as the starting point, and quality innovation should run through the whole process of enterprise quality management

"the innovation of concept is the driving force of quality management innovation. The successful practice of many enterprises shows that it is necessary to establish a broad concept of quality, such as customer first, market orientation, quality benefit, and run through the whole process of market prediction, product design, production and manufacturing, after-sales service, and fully implement quality management." Jia Fuxing said

in the view of Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree Group, we should constantly set high goals and standards, based on reality and make rapid breakthroughs. "Gree's T9 total quality control mode project is based on the current situation of China's manufacturing industry, quickly make up lessons on the quality and technology accumulation of developed countries for nearly a century, continue to improve the quality and technical ability, truly catch up from behind, and achieve another breakthrough in quality performance."

select and establish quality benchmarks for small and medium-sized enterprises

China industry news learned that the Ministry of industry and information technology has implemented the "quality benchmarking" activity since 2012. By summarizing the best practice experience of industrial enterprises, which seems to have warmed up, in the application of advanced quality management methods, improving the physical quality of products, and improving business performance, it aims to give play to the leading role of excellent enterprises and continuously improve quality management capabilities, Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of industrial enterprises. It is revealed that this year, the Ministry of industry and information technology will systematically select a number of typical experience from small and medium-sized enterprises in the quality benchmarking activities, carry out publicity and promotion, and support the competitive development of small and medium-sized enterprises

Sha nanshang believes that miniaturization, intelligence and specialization of production will become the new characteristics of future industrial organizations, and small and medium-sized enterprises based on specialization and innovation should become the most dynamic innovation force, and create a better future with unremitting innovation

Sha nanshang said that innovation is not limited to product quality and process technology, but also to seek opportunities for improvement from the whole process of design and development, production and manufacturing, marketing and service, and promote the reform of industrial organization and business model

Jia Fuxing believes that the nationwide quality benchmarking activities should not only create a quality work atmosphere of "building benchmarking, learning benchmarking, and exceeding benchmarking", but also adhere to the idea of "going out, please come in" and guide enterprises to make breakthroughs and innovations. On the one hand, we should excavate and refine the best practice of quality management in Chinese enterprises, establish the quality benchmark of Chinese enterprises, and guide enterprises to deepen the successful experience of practicing quality benchmark; On the other hand, enterprises are encouraged to actively "go out", participate in international quality exchanges and benchmarking activities, and inspire enterprises' innovative ideas

intelligent leading manufacturing power

looking back on the history of global manufacturing, Britain was the first manufacturing center in the world during the first industrial revolution, the second industrial revolution achieved the manufacturing center status of the United States, and Japan, the third manufacturing center, achieved rapid economic growth after World War II. Nowadays, developed countries have laid out advanced manufacturing development strategies

"on the basis of the previous three industrial revolutions, industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution dominated by intelligent manufacturing, which aims to promote the transformation of manufacturing industry to intelligence by making full use of the combination of information and communication technology and cyberspace virtual system." Wu Xiaobo said that for China's manufacturing industry, this is both the worst era and the best era. China should carefully study the strategy of developed countries to develop advanced manufacturing industry and define the future development direction of China's manufacturing industry in combination with national conditions, "siochi said

in his view, under the new development background, closely combining informatization and industrialization, taking the deep integration of the two as the main line, so as to take the lead in the process of industrialization, is an important enlightenment of industry 4.0 to China's industrial transformation and upgrading

the forthcoming made in China 2025 describes the blueprint for China to move from a large manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country. Relying on four major changes and one main line, it puts forward eight strategic countermeasures, including the implementation of digital networked intelligent manufacturing, the improvement of product design ability, the improvement of manufacturing technology innovation system, and the promotion of green manufacturing

someone once said that as the only country in the world with all the industrial categories in the United Nations Industrial Classification, once China's manufacturing industry has the spirit of innovation, it will be very terrible! Innovation driven is undoubtedly the key to the new round of rise of China's manufacturing industry

Wu Xiaobo bluntly said that Internet thinking and the hard-working craftsman spirit of the manufacturing industry can be perfectly combined. China's manufacturing industry needs "one brain and two wings" to achieve Phoenix Nirvana. "One brain" is an innovation driven enterprise strategy, "two wings" refers to the docking of industrial capital and financial capital, as well as an Internet based smart manufacturing system

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