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Innovation is the soul of cigarette packaging

characteristics of cigarette packaging

cigarette packaging has not been paid much attention to by the design community for a long time, especially some big brand designers rarely get involved in this field. But on the other hand, for the sake of competition, cigarette factories have launched high-end packaging, which puts forward higher and higher requirements for the packaging and printing industry, especially for new materials and new processes, which is much ahead of the packaging of other kinds of goods. The degradation rate of the cigarette bag "PLA biodegradable wire rod" has reached 90%. The packaging requirements include high-grade materials, novel technology, exquisite printing and innovative design, all of which have reached an unprecedented height. It can be said that at present, the machinery and equipment used to print cigarette packaging in China, the materials used and the processing technology are world-class. The most urgent task at present is to create a special high-quality cigarette packaging design team

cigarette packaging is consistent with the packaging of other types of goods in terms of function. However, cigarette packaging has its unique characteristics, which is different from the packaging of other kinds of goods

first of all, in terms of specifications, cigarette packaging can't have great changes in packaging structure like other packaging. Its mainstream products are basically locked in the recent conventional specifications of 84mm long, 20 sticks and 10 boxes

secondly, due to the variety of domestic cigarette brands (there are tens of thousands of registered cigarette brands nationwide), the trademark patterns of cigarette packaging design cover a wide range, including animals, plants, astronomy and geography, scenic spots, human history, industry, agriculture, culture and health, transportation information, military politics, etc., which can show the beautiful and diverse world from different angles. This is not available in other kinds of packaging

55mm here × Between 87mm square inches, we should not only make the goods stand out from the complex brands and become the highlights, hot spots and selling points on the shelves, but also minimize the production costs and win the maximum commercial profits for merchants and manufacturers. This is undoubtedly the biggest challenge for cigarette packaging designers

how to design a successful cigarette label

when carrying out a new design, any cigarette bag designer must master material information such as market information, consumer groups, manufacturer requirements, competitors and the brand background of cigarettes to be designed. A good designer will have an innovative vision when dealing with these materials. He will treat the design object differently according to the brand name, price, consumer group, sales region, folk customs, etc., and formulate a novel design scheme according to the new and old degree of the brand. It includes the innovation of design concept, expression form and material technology

in the design concept of cigarette packaging, designers talk most about "Chinese characteristics and Modernity". For a period of time, some designers fell into a misunderstanding, or looked down on local packaging, thought it was too rustic, and tried to design cigarette packages like foreign cigarettes, empty and full of foreign style, thinking that this is "Modernity"; Or just blindly pursue the quintessence of the country, and put some unrefined, stereotyped, earthy patterns on cigarette packs, believing that this is "Chinese characteristics". These two approaches are one-sided. Only by combining the two can we reflect the wisdom of a designer

there is a clich é in the art world: "the national is the world." "Chinese national" is "with Chinese characteristics", and it is also the most fashionable, that is, the most modern. As a cigarette bag designer in China, the product market in China should be based on local culture in order to win the ultimate success. "Chinese characteristics" is not just pasted with a few traditional Chinese patterns like labels, nor is it a simple combination of color blocks, lines and letters that will have a modern sense. "Chinese characteristics" should be based on the expression forms that people like to see and see and have the flavor of the times, infiltrate and integrate the essence of Chinese traditional culture, and reflect the national spirit of the Chinese nation. And the "sense of modernity" is the breath of modern life that you can feel from it, that is, fashion, abstract, simple and symbolic

"Chinese characteristics" and "Modernity" can penetrate and integrate with each other. Specifically, it is to express the themes or elements with Chinese traditional culture through modern design concepts and techniques, or integrate the essence of Chinese traditional culture into a very modern graphic design. Under the guidance of such a design concept, designers can usually create refreshing works

secondly, in the plane performance and process design, we should use an innovative perspective to classify and sort out many performance elements, choose the most close to the product itself, the most expressive, and at the same time appear novel and unique performance elements, and cut and choose from the best and latest perspective, so that it can fully highlight the beauty and texture of the product in form

the innovation of graphic design should be good at using for reference. Many elements in other types of packaging, such as color, materials, technology and other art categories such as architecture and painting, can be used for reference, which can trigger inspiration. Graphic design should pay attention to fashion, but do not be obliterated by fashion, because popular is not necessarily viable, designers should jump out of fashion and lead fashion. To be good at innovation, we must be good at observation and thinking

innovation should also include the innovation of materials and processes. Although materials and processes are not within the scope of the following information, we should first understand the designer's ability in detail, but the designer should have a well-informed information network, which can timely understand the detailed information of new materials and processes in the industry, and timely introduce, develop and apply them. The proper application of material technology can not only effectively control the cost, but also add icing on the cake for graphic design

experience in the design of Shengtang cigarette label

"Shengtang" brand cigarettes are a brand with many years of history in Wuhu tobacco factory. The original packaging is soft box, and the retail price is less than 2 yuan. The redesigned and transformed "Shengtang" brand cigarettes are hard box, mid-range products, and the price is around 5 yuan. The brand name "prosperous Tang", as the name suggests, is a historical theme, which is to show the "prosperous Tang Dynasty". The original packaging is a very traditional and conventional design, with a circular pattern of copper lion in the center of the front, the seal character "prosperous Tang" brand name on the upper part, and the factory name below can be said to have no characteristics. The basic idea of my redesign is: the product is positioned as a mid-range product, the design grade and visual effect should rely on high-end products, show the prosperous and magnificent style of the Tang Dynasty, make the past serve the present and have a modern sense; Innovation and breakthrough should be made in the original packaging, and the cost of materials and processes should be controlled at the same time

after making the necessary investigation, I selected the design materials to choose from: the portrait of Li Shimin in the Tang Dynasty, the ladies of the Tang Dynasty, clothing, cultural relics, architecture, sculpture, etc. In order to fully highlight the glory of the civilization of the Tang Dynasty, I finally locked the design elements in the most expressive and contemporary materials of classical architecture, such as painted archways and gilded bronze masters

in terms of plane composition, I broke the conventional composition mode of cigarettes, placed the painted archway on the box cover, and made a proper echo on the bottom edge, which is very decorative. This is a pioneering idea in cigarette bag design. The gilded bronze master guarded the lower left part and looked majestic under the memorial archway, which not only inherited the history of the brand, but also made the new design not strange to the original consumer group and maintained affinity. The brand name font was changed from the original seal script to the running script font with the charm of calligraphy in the Tang Dynasty, which increased its recognizability. The basic tone of the cigarette bag is golden yellow, and the background is lined with frosted stripes, which plays a connecting role and is rich in changes. It has a sense of hierarchy and metal texture, both classical and modern

in terms of material selection, based on cost considerations, dumb gold cardboard can be used, and ordinary white cardboard can also be used to make gold ink backing into imitation gold cardboard, with little difference in effect. In terms of process selection, four-color UV offset printing, sanding and bumping are adopted. The process is simple and easy to control the quality of the production process, making its qualification rate higher than that of similar products

the whole package is novel and harmonious, and the large utensils are appropriate, which has achieved a rich, elegant and magnificent artistic effect, and transmitted the reliable information of product quality. The market proved that although the price of the redesigned "Shengtang" brand cigarettes is at the mid-range level, it still makes this consumer group feel that it is worth the money because of its good interior and high proportion of olefins/aromatics relying on imported quality and exterior packaging. And consumers who like high-end products sometimes consume with dignity and even have a preference. At present, this brand has a considerable market share in the East China market

it is worth mentioning that a good designer should not only be good at drawing opinions from all aspects and integrating them, but also be good at persuading manufacturers to accept correct views, so as to maintain the integrity, rationality and artistry of originality. China's design market is still an immature buyer's market. The artistic cultivation and comprehensive quality of the buyer's personnel are mixed. The layman dominates the expert, and some inaccurate requirements occur from time to time, leaving designers at a loss. If the buyer doesn't pay, no matter how good the design is, it can't enter the market, but the design that blindly caters to kitsch will have no vitality even if it enters the market. The "Shengtang" I designed has won the "China Star" award at first, but when the cigarette factory was preparing to officially adopt it, it also proposed eight amendments to me. To be fair, those are not suitable requirements. So I tried my best to convince the other party that this is a packaging design that has been recognized by experts. It's best not to make too many modifications, but to submit it to the market for inspection first. At the same time, without affecting the overall effect, I modified the size and position of the local text according to the requirements of the other party, and tried to meet the requirements of the other party, so that the design was finally passed

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