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This case is a set of modern simple decoration renderings of two rooms and one living room in Zhaolin Yulong Bay. As the owner is a design enthusiast, it is all designed by himself. He invites workers and buys materials by himself, so the action is finished, although the progress is relatively slow. But the effect of the final pretend is really a sense of achievement. Because there is an entrance garden, which is basically changed into a room. In fact, it should be regarded as a three room garden. Next, let's take a look at how owners build their own happy home

decoration owner files:

community: Zhaolin Yulong bay house type: two bedrooms and one living room decoration style: modern simple decoration method: half package contract amount: 70000 decoration company: Decoration bidding

Design Description: I really don't know what style it is. Anyway, I found a bunch of renderings to see what a preliminary house looks like after decoration, and then I began to look for someone to start work. According to the size of the house and the selection of materials, generally speaking, the decoration cost will reach 10% - 20% of the total price of the house. If the budget is 30000, at least 40000 should be prepared. Many things will exceed your budget

I especially like this bar and wardrobe. For small bedrooms and small houses, it's really a god like existence! On the other side of the bar is the shoe cabinet

I also like this kind of one. Unfortunately, my family is too small, so I can only make a smaller version

in terms of bedroom, the master bedroom with small space is not very brilliant, and the secondary bedroom is quite beautiful in this comparison. I'm looking forward to their home. See how the service is after contact

introduction to Zhaolin Yulong Bay community

Zhaolin Yulong Bay Seiko city building, quality life. It is an "aerobic" living and residential area on Optics Valley avenue that strives for excellence and pursues quality. At the same time, it takes advantage of the "double core" of Luxiang square and "CLD central living area". In the land of high-tech enterprise base, financial center and residential center, Zhaolin Yulong Bay fully reflects the value of "Optics Valley post CBD" and fully shares the value of "Optics Valley core residential area". Zhaolin Yulong Bay has a total construction area of 115000 square meters, which is divided into two plots a and B. It has a simple and modern architectural style. It is composed of three comfortable small high-rise buildings, six scenic high-rise buildings and nearly 10000 square meters of commercial supporting facilities. There are a total of 900 households, and there are abundant houses of more than 10 quality house types

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