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Chinese style decoration is characterized by simplicity, symmetry, strong culture, elegant style, high aesthetic taste and social status symbol. It is also these characteristics that are more and more valued and loved by people. Therefore, many people also want their homes to be decorated in Chinese style, but do you know the precautions of Chinese decoration? Then, let's introduce the precautions for Chinese decoration

I. the sense of hierarchy of Chinese decoration precautions

how to reflect the sense of spatial hierarchy in Chinese decoration? You can consider using decorations such as screens, which should be placed in a fixed position and not placed casually

II. Small decoration of Chinese decoration precautions

we talked about the sense of hierarchy before, that is, we can use objects such as screens. In fact, there are many similar small objects, such as partition fans, screens, etc. The screen can be bought at the thrift market, and the partition fan needs to be customized because it is fixed on the ground. If the indoor space is relatively open, you can choose to make one “ Moon gate ” Style partition fan, with carefully carved patterns, will certainly add style to your Chinese style home

III. furnishings of Chinese decoration precautions

in order to fully reflect the Chinese decoration style, the furnishings of various indoor objects are also very important, which is very exquisite. There is no need to decorate many objects, as long as a few simple representative ones can be matched well

IV. decoration cost of Chinese decoration precautions

the cost of Chinese decoration is generally higher, which is also due to the more use of wood, especially the cost of materials such as solid wood. If the homeowner wants to reduce the cost appropriately, he can choose to reduce some more complex projects, or use low-grade wood instead of solid wood, such as Catalpa wood and other miscellaneous wood instead of precious mahogany, which is also a good choice

v. style and color of Chinese decoration precautions

the color of Chinese decoration is generally dark, which can show the simplicity and composure, and there are almost no other jumping colors in the room. Of course, when it comes to Chinese style, red is also common

VI. materials for attention in Chinese decoration

since ancient times, Chinese buildings have used wood based raw materials, so wood is the most representative of Chinese decoration style. Of course, wood is rarely used in house decoration except furniture, so these materials should be used properly, such as beautifully carved wooden furniture, small objects, etc

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