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After buying a house, I lost my wallet, but I can't live in a rough house, can I? I love beauty, but I love silver more. Therefore, for salaried people, decoration needs to be affordable, but affordable does not mean simple and crude, but simple and practical! ■ "guerrillas" although cheap, no after-sales, no "affordable" decoration cheap, everyone wants to take advantage of, but not all cheap can be equated with affordable, there is no free lunch in the world, "cheap" always has a cheap "reason"

after buying a house, I lost my wallet, but I can't live in a blank house, can I? I love beauty, but I love silver more. Therefore, for salaried people, decoration needs to be affordable, but affordable does not mean simple and crude, but simple and practical

■ "guerrillas" although cheap

no after-sales is not "affordable"

everyone wants to take advantage of cheap decoration, but not all cheapness can be equated with affordable. There is no free lunch in the world, "cheap" will always have a cheap "reason". Please the guerrillas to decorate this seemingly cheap "affordable", the installed house can't find after-sales service, and it's a minor repair in two days and an overhaul in three days, which is annoying

as we all know, decoration is a bottomless pit, and the best way to "Install" any amount of money is to do as much as you can with as much money as you can. Generally, the method of clearing the work can be adopted, and the materials can be purchased by oneself. When choosing materials, shop around, and use the price difference to save a lot of expenses. When purchasing materials, you might as well choose ordinary products from big brands. The price of such products is often medium-range, but the quality is relatively guaranteed, but the fly in the ointment is that the style is generally not too fashionable

■ basic decoration has problems

the rework cost may be higher than the cost

for wage earners with affordable ideas, basic decoration is very important. We must not ignore and underestimate the "basic decoration", which is the "foundation", and its decisive role will often exceed your imagination. For example, the waterproof of concealed works and circuit transformation are all crucial, and even related to the quality of life and life safety in the future. Designer lipingqiang said that good decoration can make the home space more beautiful and comfortable, maintain the high quality of life, and provide a happy and healthy atmosphere for the whole family. And a good decoration project can be maintained for a relatively long time, at least 5 years, 10 years or even longer without considering the decoration of the house. An unsuccessful decoration project may be accompanied by worry and depression from the design and commencement. If there is a problem with the basic decoration, the cost of rework may be higher than the first time. Therefore, the money for basic decoration must not be saved. The money on "blade" cannot be saved, but some places that can be tricky may be omitted directly. For example, the wall behind the cabinet can be omitted or paved with ordinary wall tiles; Make a floor in the bedroom and save the bed; It is completely feasible to nail unequal wooden platforms on the study wall to make bookcases and other methods to save some costs

■ highlight the "key points" in decoration.

choose good materials for kitchen and bathroom.

the layout of home decoration must highlight the key points, focusing on practicality, neatness and comfort. Based on this principle, ceiling, door package, dado and other decorative projects can be completely eliminated. But for the floors, kitchens, bathrooms, which are rarely changed after decoration, we should try to choose good materials. If the kitchen and bathroom are the places where families go in and out most frequently, they should be reasonably decorated in place. Generally, you can make hanging cabinets in the kitchen and lay granite countertops. The toilet can be reconstructed according to the needs, and the sanitary ware, washing machine and other related electrical appliances can be rearranged. Although these materials are relatively expensive, their normal life span can reach as long as 10 years, which is relatively cost-effective. Therefore, when decorating, we should not be equal everywhere, but highlight the "key points"

in addition, there must be room for home decoration. These places do not need decoration, but future changes should be considered in the design. For example, the children's room should take into account that the children's functional requirements for the room change with age, so you can choose more decorative items to decorate the children's room, such as toy furnishings, plush toys, etc; For the study and living room, leaving enough blank space can also meet the needs of adding new furniture or new appliances in the future




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