Yilian whole home won the wild goose Award

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―― the highest honor of China's home furnishing industry

the goose is flying, and its feathers are swept away! 2013 is a year for the smart transformation of the entire home building materials industry, and it is also a year for the rise of the customized home furnishing industry. In this year, Yilian customized home has achieved remarkable results in the home market through the lean pursuit of product quality and service and the in-depth implementation of organizational marketing strategy. It has become one of the representative brands in the customized home furnishing industry and has stepped on the red carpet of the highest recognition in China's home furnishing industry

the annual conference on the development of China's home furnishing industry, jointly organized by China Interior Decoration Association, China Forest Products Industry Association, China Building Decoration Materials Association and the furniture decoration chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, aims to condense the positive energy of the industry and promote the development of China's home furnishing industry. It is a milestone for the home furnishing industry and has become a grand event with the highest standards and specifications in the industry. The "wild goose Award" set up in the annual meeting is intended to commend the actors who fly freely in the sky of the industry, are not afraid of hardships, travel long distances, and overcome all difficulties in order to achieve the spring of their career, especially the leading wild goose who leads the industry forward

geese fly and gather in Zhongze! On December 28, thousands of excellent enterprises with excellent product quality and efficient management came to Beijing National Convention Center to compete for the highest honor in this industry

there are such a group of people in Yilian's overall home. They are practical, hardworking, enterprising and innovative Yilian lovers. Their team spirit holds the infinite glory of Yilian brand. Over the past six years, Yilian has won dozens of honorary titles, including "China's top ten overall wardrobe brands", "China's green and environmental protection brands", "famous brands in the Chinese market", "consumers' favorite wardrobe brands", "double ten model brands"

after six years of sedimentation, Yilian overall home is no longer a cautious explorer in the torrent of home customization industry. The solid foundation stone of the enterprise and the leading operation mechanism have made Yilian brand popular with consumers, and it seems to have become the leader and guide of the customized home furnishing industry in Southwest China. It has received great attention from the industry and social media

it is precisely because there are a group of Iraqi lovers who pursue lean product quality, meticulous customer service, and dedicated to the rise of the brand. They have laid the foundation for the two highest honors of "leading brand in China's home furnishing industry" and "environmental protection pioneer enterprise in China's home furnishing industry" of the Iran love harvest wild goose award

"leading brand in China's home furnishing industry" commends Yilian's tireless exploration, bold innovation, step-by-step catch-up and perseverance in the industry. Like a leading wild goose, it is both a flaunt and a guide

the environmental protection pioneer enterprise in China's home furnishing industry commended Yilian's firm attitude of being responsible for the health of consumers and the awe of corporate social responsibility and conscience. This will be the position that any enterprise must adhere to in order to seek development in the future. Iran love's unremitting pursuit of home environmental protection has become a pioneer in the industry

the wild geese are flying, swaying on the clouds, wearing the stars and the moon, piloting the pride of the crowd! After years of intensive efforts in the market, Iraqi lovers have finally achieved fruitful results. These halos are heavy trophies. Iraqi lovers in the spotlight are the supreme glory. This is both recognition and greater responsibility. Yilian whole home will never slack off on the road of enterprise development in the future, practice the social responsibility of environmental protection and health, and provide first-class services for consumers. Practice the industry responsibility of leading brands, seek the coordinate positioning of the global development of the industry, and make unremitting efforts to become an international home furnishing brand




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