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Now many furniture brand manufacturers' customized furniture will come with handles, but the handles selected by manufacturers are of ordinary style and material. Therefore, many consumers will choose to purchase by themselves. Today, I will teach you how to buy handles

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now many furniture brand manufacturers' customized furniture will come with handles, which do not need consumers to match by themselves. However, the handles selected by manufacturers are of ordinary style and material. Therefore, many consumers will choose to purchase by themselves. However, at present, there are many kinds of small handle hardware on the market, and the prices are uneven. The expensive ones are dozens of yuan each, and the cheaper ones are only a few yuan each. Although the function of the handle is limited, it is also a part of home decoration and plays a good decorative role. If the purchase is not good, it will have a great impact on the practicality and aesthetics of home decoration. Today, Xiaobian will teach you how to choose handles

four steps to select the handle:

the first step depends on the appearance. Check the surface color and protective film of the handle for damage and scratches. Judge the quality of the handle from the surface treatment first. A good sanding handle should have a relatively dim color, giving people a sense of stability; Half sand at the junction of light and sanding, the separation line should be straight. If it is a crooked line, it is obviously inferior; And a good bright handle should have a color like a mirror, bright and thorough, without any defects. The second step is to try your hand. A good handle should feel comfortable. Therefore, when shopping, you can try to touch it to see whether the surface treatment is smooth and whether it is easy to pull up; The edge of a good handle should be smoothed, and there is no stubble sticking or cutting. The third step is to listen to the sound. Some unscrupulous manufacturers in the market cut corners and filled the handle tube with cement or welded iron or sand, giving people a thick feeling to deceive consumers. The poor handle can be distinguished from the sound. Gently tap the handle tube with a hard tool. The handle sound of the thick tube should be relatively crisp, while the thin tube is relatively dull. Step 4: check the area. One thing to pay attention to when choosing a handle is that it is better to choose a handle with a larger area around the screw hole. Because the smaller the area around the handle screw hole, the more accurate the handle hole punched on the plate is required. Otherwise, a slight deviation will cause the handle hole to be exposed. Therefore, in order to prevent this situation, it is necessary to check whether the area around the handle screw hole is too small when purchasing

selection of handles in different places of use:

1 Porch area, porch is one of the key decorative parts in the room. The handles in this area mainly include the handles of porch cabinets and shoe cabinets. The handle of the porch cabinet can emphasize its decoration; The handle of the shoe cabinet should pay attention to its functionality, and the handle with color close to the panel should be selected, so as not to hinder the use of the owner

2. In the kitchen, do not choose the handle with too much texture, because the handle with too much texture and high frequency of use in the kitchen is not easy to clean up after being stained with lampblack. Handle used in kitchen should be made of durable and corrosion-resistant materials. Zinc alloy handle is a good choice for kitchen

3. In the living room, the handle of the TV cabinet in the living room can be considered to be similar to the color of electrical parts or the stone on the top of the TV cabinet, such as the exposed handle in black, bright gold, bright chromium and dumb nickel. Because the cabinet doors in these places in the living room open less frequently, choosing the exposed handle can ensure that people will not be involved when walking

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