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Kao miaoershu baby diapers/Toddlers series upgraded to market

release date: silicone oil at the oil cup will rise source: Kao

recently, Kao upgraded its miaoershu baby diapers/Toddlers series, cooperated with Kao's patented technology to increase the dosage of CPE, and helped the baby stay away from the heat and moisture after urination

upgraded product features:

baby diapers

● 3-layer breathable design to keep away from stuffy and wet skin and relieve skin sleepiness. The nameplate should be fixed in a clear position

● soft and airy inner surface layer, with two sizes of concave convex soft points, soft and comfortable, caring for delicate skin

● the soft three-dimensional leg circumference is upgraded to effectively help prevent side leakage and the leg is not easy to leave marks (only for newborns and s)

baby walking pants

● 2.5 times cotton soft elastic waistline, easy to wear and take off, not easy to tighten and slip

● fast breathable material, but the elongation of the material is generally high to keep the skin comfortable

● the leg circumference is made of soft cotton (M-XL)

● the inner surface material is upgraded to cotton (only m)

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