The most simple method to control the size of turn

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Simple method to control the simple size of turning taper hole construction

generally, when turning taper (hole), the ring (plug) gauge is used to measure the size, and the industry personnel say that the gauge is used to test once, and the cutting depth is calculated once, so as to achieve the qualified size. In batch production, if the above method of simple installation is adopted, it will be very troublesome and the auxiliary time will be increased

during batch processing, in order to achieve basically the same size of the finished parts and reduce the auxiliary time for testing, the first can be divided into two types: one is to position the large carriage after the parts connected with the civil engineering are finished, and the workpiece is also positioned in the axial direction of the fixture, and record the scale of the middle carriage. When each part is finished, it shall be turned to the position of the first part, and the radial dimension of the cone is basically the same. (end)

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