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Shantui's "making products with sincerity" went into the assembly class of Caiqiao company

Shantui's "making products with sincerity" went into the assembly class of Caiqiao company

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the seventh stop of the cultural exchange activity of "making products with sincerity" went e. the best way to automate the graphic curve scale is to refer to the strain of a certain stress as "constant elongation" auto scale in the assembly class of Caiqiao company, the Ministry of corporate culture, the labor union Relevant principals of all business divisions and subsidiaries attended the meeting, and more than 50 excellent team leaders from 9 business divisions and subsidiaries participated in the exchange activities

At the meeting, Zhaoxin, chairman of the trade union for astmf2913 ⑴ 1 computerized anti slide testing machine of Caiqiao company, first introduced the development process, production and operation and development plan of Caiqiao company to the participants, and focused on how to do a good job in psychological comfort and adjustment of employees in special periods, and put forward the release, transformation Accept the three paragraph theory

next, wangyuqing, the assembly team leader of Caiqiao company, shared the theme of "pursuing quality to meet customers and creating a cultural team", and introduced the practice of naming employees to improve tooling, which resonated with the participants. According to Maslow's demand theory, this measure can meet the needs of employees to realize their self-worth; When sharing the training for new employees, monitor Wang also introduced their unique practice of OJT education, which is divided into four steps: tell him, do the heating experiment, show him, tell you, and show you. The seemingly simple words are valuable experience summarized from years of work, which plays an important role in promoting new employees to take up their posts quickly; When introducing the "call by difference" of safety education, monitor Wang mentioned that for manufacturing enterprises, safety education is a major event, which is related to the life safety of employees. A small mistake or paralysis may cause great harm. Therefore, they asked employees to carry out hazard prediction training (KYT) before action or incident, so that everyone can effectively implement the call by difference to prevent trouble

Shantui "makes products with sincerity" entered the assembly class of Caiqiao company. After the exchange, the participants visited the assembly site of Caiqiao company

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