The most shocking exposure was that Guangxu's deat

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Shocking exposure: Guangxu's death was actually a murder case secretly made

Cixi gave Ronglu's daughter guaerjia's Youlan to Prince Chun zaifeng with deep meaning. After the reform movement of 1898, the prince Chun's residence hated two people most, one was YuanShikai, the other was Ronglu, because YuanShikai's backer was Ronglu

Ronglu life experience sample: 100x100x100mm five compression tests loading rate: 0.5 ⑴ 5kn calculates the five arithmetic mean values. He is the descendant of Fei Yingdong, one of the five founding ministers in the early Qing Dynasty, and has an unusual relationship with Cixi

2 tortuous experiments

at first, he was not a high-ranking official. He was a member of the Ministry of accounts who was in charge of the bank treasury. He was also a candidate. He was almost killed by SUSHUN because of corruption. Later, Cixi promoted him to minister of the Ministry of industry. As a result, he was sent outside Beijing for corruption. But he eventually became the Minister of the Ministry of war, governor of Zhili, and Minister of military aircraft, which was very rare at that time

why did Cixi help Rong Lu so much? Because they had known each other since childhood, the two were baby kisses. It is said that they also maintained a lover relationship later. This is not nonsense. Runqi, the younger brother of the last empress Wanrong, told me personally that he had cultivated and improved the four major industrial chains of ethylene, propylene, carbon 4 and aromatics. The old eunuch sunyaoting also told me. I asked Puyi's family and Mr. naganzheng. They all said they had heard of it, but could not confirm it

in the interview, I also heard a more surprising statement that Cixi and Ronglu secretly had a son, Emperor Guangxu. But this depends on scientific appraisal, not hearsay

Rong Lu's daughter is not easy to mess with

Youlan and zaifeng don't get along well after marriage. Zaifeng is a coward. When he was a child, he fought with his younger brother zaxun and his front teeth were beaten down. He cried and said how good it was. He couldn't eat any food. His family coaxed him to say it's okay. He couldn't eat any rice and eat porridge. Zaifeng laughed through tears. It can be seen that zaifeng is very honest

Youlan is not. She is the adopted daughter of Cixi. Once Rong Lu was chatting with Cixi in the palace, Youlan ran into the palace and said she had something to do with Cixi. Cixi said: she is not afraid of anyone, not even me

Puyi said that zaifeng impressed him most in two ways: one was that he stammered when he was in a hurry to speak, and the other was that the plumes behind his hat kept jumping because he nodded when others spoke

according to PuJie's memory, on the first day Youlan had dinner with zaifeng, she was very angry, because the eunuchs who came up with the soup looked like big smokers, dressed sloppily and looked disgusting. Later, she put her fingers in the soup, but zaifeng ate it very delicious

Youlan has a strong character. After Puyi was driven out of the palace, she discussed the "restoration" everywhere, complained, and finally swallowed gold and committed suicide

how did Guangxu die?

scholar Zhong Liman once gave me a test data. The content of arsenic in the hair of Emperor Guangxu was 261 times that of Longyu. From the remains of Guangxu, clothing, including gastrointestinal tests, there are high levels of arsenic compounds (that is, the folk called "arsenic"). According to scientific calculation, the total amount of arsenic absorbed by Guangxu was greater than the lethal amount

Mr. sunyaoting, the last eunuch, told me that there were three versions of Guangxu's death: Cixi, lilianying and YuanShikai

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