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Liugong's products were successfully sold in Bulgaria

Liugong's products were successfully sold in Bulgaria

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. The mining company plays an important role in the mining industry in Bulgaria and the whole Europe. The annual mining and stripping volume of the company's mine is more than 40million tons. There are many engineering machinery and equipment of international famous brands in the mining area

narrowing the gap with foreign advanced technology several years ago, Liugong encountered a local economic crisis just after entering the Bulgarian market, and the whole market fell by 75%. The dealers had no choice but to announce that they would withdraw from the cooperation with Liugong under the condition of financial difficulties. Due to the market downturn, the number of local construction machinery agents, which they are proud of, has dropped sharply. The only remaining agents cooperating with international giants can only survive by relying on their strong brand effect and financing channels

facing the difficult situation, Liugong did not give up. At the end of 2013, Liugong Europe increased the publicity of its products in the local media. With the active efforts of the sales staff, it finally persuaded geotradi, a local influential company, to obtain 12 authorized invention patents for the project. Ngad cooperated with Liugong, making Liugong a survivor in the Bulgarian market. Relying on the perfect product series, reliable and stable quality and the active efforts of dealers, Liugong has won the trust of customers, and achieved repeated sales in only a few projects in Bulgaria, such as EU expressway, capital Metro infrastructure, national reservoir, etc., making a breakthrough in one fell swoop and returning to the Bulgarian market again

after one year's efforts, the sales volume of Liugong's products has increased steadily in Bulgaria, and the Liugong brand has grown vigorously in the region. With the help of the influence of Liugong brand, dealers have gradually infiltrated the sales of dressta products and achieved gratifying results

since the equipment in the customer's mine pit is basically shut down by people, and the high-intensity operation requires very high stability and reliability of the equipment, the customer is also very cautious about the purchase of new brands. To this end, Liugong worked closely with its local agents to invite the customer to attend the Las Vegas exhibition and visit the dressta factory in Poland for test drive training, so that the customer could further understand the strength of Liugong. At the same time, Liugong also arranged the dressta technical team to go to the customer's mining area to solve their problems. After one year's hard work, we finally got the recognition and full trust of the customer and successfully achieved sales

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