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Jingwei Gaobo has successfully developed jw

Beijing Jingwei Gaobo superstition Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing University of chemical industry have successfully recovered the oldest technology at home and abroad through hard work. Jw-se has decided to use a sensor larger than small L200 type selective gas adsorption instrument, which was officially launched in April 2016. It is a brand-new instrument that uses the most old technology and new concepts at home and abroad, It is believed that it will inevitably lead the trend and target of such products

(jw-sel200 special gas selective adsorption instrument is newly established at home and abroad)

after that, all adsorption instruments on the market can only measure the adsorption isotherm of porous data on pure component gas, but can not measure the selective adsorption function of dissimilated gas. In fact, we are all exposed to dissimilates of gases, such as abs/pet alloy gas and industrial tail gas. They are not pure component gases, but dissimilates of various gases, as shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 industrial tail gas is often dissimilated gas containing co2/n2, co2/nox, etc.

it is found that the environmental protection function of nano micro porous data is not enough to be judged by the adsorption capacity of pure component gas, because porous data often selectively adsorb different components in dissimilated gas, that is, they like to adsorb one gas rather than another, It shows that the porous data has special preferential adsorption for a certain gas. Only after the selective adsorption characteristics are obtained, can we have a more accurate and reliable judgment on the role of adsorbent in polluting the environment. How to obtain the characteristic parameters of gas selective adsorption has not been confirmed at home and abroad. For this reason, Professor caodapeng of Beijing University of chemical technology successfully handled this achievement according to the style of molecular imitation, and put forward the DIH practical model, which has been recognized by the academic community. Through cooperation with Beijing University of chemical industry, Beijing Jingwei Gaobo has created the first jw-sel200 "selective gas adsorption instrument" with an increase of 220%~530% compared with traditional automobile copper. Lecheng has introduced the DIH actual model lead screw to replace the ball lead screw, and completed the vision of nano micro porous data on the selectivity of dissimilated gas. Once the adsorption isotherms and adsorption heats of the two pure components in the dissimilated gas are measured, the selective adsorption characteristics of the incongruous dissimilated gas can be obtained by one click, which provides a quick and convenient tool for data scientists, chemists, environmental and chemical scientists, and a very intentional test and interpretation method for the category of gas environmental pollution

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