The hottest Moller receives new container ships

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A. P. Moeller receives the new container ship

Denmark A. P. Moeller group recently received a new "Axel Maersk" super Panamax container ship from its Odense ship factory, which will later be put into Maersk sea land global route service. The new ship has an education and training center, which can accommodate up to ten students. It has always been a difficulty for the scientific community to choose the gear to be calibrated (300KN or 150kn) with the "shift" key. 1

the "Axel Maersk" has a new length of 352 meters, a width of 43 meters, and is equipped with HSD Wartsila/Sulzer diesel engines. It rotates 100 times per minute, reaching 85500 horsepower. It is one of the largest and most advanced container ships in the world

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