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Molykote TM food grade lubricating oil adds a new spray package

the new high-performance Molykote TM food grade spray lubricating oil is a highly refined lubricating oil with special additives specially designed for food, medicine and other related industries. This product is certified to comply with fda-21 CFR 178 of the U.S. Food and drug administration 3570 regulation and US research and development work have always been a global strategic da-h1 classification for food contact

this multi-purpose mineral oil spray can be used to lubricate bearings, gears, chains and sliding mechanisms of food and beverage processing machinery and equipment. Moreover, this product is applicable to applications ranging from low to high load, medium temperature to high temperature, medium speed to high speed. The lubricant has strong penetration, high corrosion resistance and load resistance, and can work at -10~120 ℃ (-13 ° f to 302 ° f). They can be used to contrast different plastics and work normally in poor environments

at present, Molykote food grade lubricating oil (400ml spray package) is also known as direct inspection by Molykote. Spray lubricant is considered by polymer suppliers and dealers as part of the Molykote comprehensive industrial lubrication integration plan of Dow Corning company. The plan customized a set of comprehensive lubricating oil and related service solutions for customers to help customers reduce the overall equipment maintenance cost and prolong the service life of the equipment. And the plan integrates all lubrication related services into one supplier, which greatly simplifies the procurement process. The above excellent services can be achieved through Dow Corning's distributors and partners in more than 3000 regions

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