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Mold maintenance and care

1: the cutting edge of the mold must be ground after long-term use. After grinding, the cutting edge surface must bring more clean energy. Demagnetization must be carried out without magnetism, otherwise it is easy to block materials

2: spring and other elastic parts are most likely to be damaged in the process of use, which is bound to form a demonstration driving effect, usually with fracture and deformation. The way to take is to replace. During the replacement process, we must pay attention to the specification and model of the spring. The specification and model of the spring are confirmed by three items: color, outer diameter and length. It can be replaced only when the three items are the same

3: during the use of the die, the punch is easy to break, bend and chew, and the punching sleeve is generally chewed. The damaged punch and punch sleeve are generally replaced with parts of the same specification. The parameters of the amplitude and frequency head of the flushing spring mainly include the size of the working part, the size of the installation part, the length size, etc

4: fasten the parts, check whether the fastening parts are loose or damaged, and the method is to find parts of the same specification for replacement

5: pressing parts such as pressing plate, uni glue, etc., and unloading parts such as stripper plate, pneumatic jacking, etc. During maintenance, check the relationship of accessories at all parts and whether they are damaged, repair the damaged parts, check whether there is air leakage by pneumatic jacking, and take measures for specific users in the selection process in combination with their own conditions. If the air pipe is damaged, replace it

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