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"Money" is already clear? 67% of dealers consider acting as smart home lighting

Abstract: the term "smart lighting" has been popular in the LED lighting industry for many years. However, in the past few years, intelligent lighting has mostly been "thunder and rain, small points". By 2017, this situation has been greatly improved. Intelligent lighting is no longer "tepid and tepid", and the intelligent lighting standing at the tuyere is more "infinite money"

the town is located in the northeast of Yiwu and in the provincial information optoelectronics high tech park. Its planning positioning focuses on the development of semiconductor optoelectronic industry, supplemented by smart home, IOT equipment R & D and manufacturing and other industries, taking into account the functions of leisure and tourism, and is committed to building itself into the center of the world's LED industry

nowadays, driven by the "troika" of Huacan optoelectronics, Ruifeng optoelectronics and mullinsen, the prototype of the town has appeared. Therefore, Suxi town shouted that the tax revenue should increase to more than 4billion within five years, catching up with Hengdian

more than 20 billion investment has been attracted in more than a year.

on May 15, I walked into the Huacan optoelectronics project site of the provincial information optoelectronics high tech park, and saw that the workers were working nervously, and everyone was working hard to complete the project as soon as possible

like the workers, since Hua can decided to settle in the high tech Zone, Zhou Fuyun, who is in charge of this listed company, has put the focus of his work here, busy every day. Under his personal supervision, the project has officially started construction since May 31 last year, and now it has entered the "countdown" to production

"the scientific research plant has been capped and the internal decoration is in progress. Eight MOCVD equipment in the epitaxial workshop have been in place and are being installed and positioned, and it is expected to enter the commissioning on May 20; the sapphire workshop has basically completed the decoration and is scheduled to be delivered; about 200 equipment in the chip workshop are in place and are being installed and positioned, and it is expected to enter the commissioning on May 20; the power plant equipment is being commissioned..." Zhou Fuyun listened to the latest situation of the project, While drinking water. "According to the current plant progress, Huacan optoelectronic led epitaxy, chip and sapphire processing project will be officially put into operation by June. At that time, Huacan's total production capacity will be greatly improved, further consolidating the enterprise's position as the world's second largest LED chip production and supplier." He nodded with satisfaction

compared with Huacan optoelectronic Yiwu led project, Ruifeng optoelectronic Yiwu led project, not far from it, has created a "Yiwu speed" of "signing in the same year, landing in the same year, starting in the same year, and putting into production in the same year"

"intelligent lighting" has been popular in the LED lighting industry for many years. However, in the past few years, intelligent lighting is mostly "thunder and rain, small points", mainly reflected in: the domestic intelligent lighting industry has not yet formed a certain scale, the market acceptance is low, and the intelligent lighting technology is not mature. By 2017, this situation has been greatly improved. Intelligent lighting is no longer "tepid and tepid", and the intelligent lighting standing at the tuyere shows "unlimited money". Chunjiang water heating, the market prophet

is it difficult for lighting electricians to do business

the industry needs a "savior"

since Edison invented the incandescent lamp, mankind has officially entered the "bright era" of lighting electricity, and light source lamps have also gone through the development stages of incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, led, etc. Entering the LED era, with the continuous upgrading of LED technology and the expansion of LED market, the LED lighting industry has shown a high-speed growth trend in recent years. Both LED lighting enterprises and dealers have tasted the "sweetness" of the growth of LED lighting emerging industry in the past few years. At the same time, the rise of LED industry with electronic properties has also strengthened the relevance of electrical industry such as switches, and the development of electrical industry has also benefited from it

however, in recent years, due to the low entry threshold of the LED lighting electrician industry, more and more people have poured into the LED lighting industry hoping to get a share. The LED lighting electrician industry has also experienced "low product profits" and "poor market" from the "era of huge profits" in the past. Big lighting visited the national first-line market and learned that many LED lighting electrician dealers lamented that "business is difficult to do". In this context, what areas should dealers in the LED lighting electrical industry break through the development dilemma? Who will be the "savior" of the LED lighting electrical industry

in the past few years, the word "intelligence" once became a hot word in the LED lighting and electrical industry. Many LED lighting electrical enterprises have "tested the water" in the intelligent field, and dealers have also begun to pay attention to "intelligent products" and their market demand, profitability, etc. the majority of LED lighting manufacturers seem to "smell" the beautiful "money" in the intelligent lighting (home) field. In the past few years, although LED lighting electrical enterprises have made great efforts to explore and try, intelligent lighting (home) enterprises with outstanding performance have not appeared, and the popularity of intelligent lighting (home) market is not satisfactory. But the good news is that in 2017, the situation has changed, which shows that smart lighting (home) has stood on the wind, waiting to soar

it is undeniable that after years of exploration and attempt, the intelligent control technology of LED lighting fixtures continues to progress, and the intellectualization of electrical products such as switches also begins to show an extraordinary scene. As an emerging industry, smart lighting (home furnishing) is the most concerned about its market acceptance. To this end, big lighting visited hundreds of dealers across the country to understand their real needs for intelligent lighting (home) products and the acceptance of market users, so as to give a little inspiration to the majority of manufacturers committed to this

market acceptance is not high

market demand continues to expand

as an integral part of smart home, smart lighting, similar to the concept of smart home, has been hotly discussed in recent years. Although many enterprises actively participate in it, intelligent lighting (home) is still in its infancy in practical application. At the same time, with the discussion and promotion of manufacturers, although intelligent lighting (home) products appear in the market, their market acceptance still needs to be improved. Previously, according to the data of the national LED lighting dealers surveyed by big lighting, only 24% believed that the acceptance of the smart lighting (home) market was "quite good", 38% believed that it was "unsatisfactory", and 38% of the dealers said that "the acceptance of the smart lighting (home) market is" not ideal "

in the past few years, the acceptance of smart lighting (home) market is not high, which is due to many reasons: 1. Smart lighting (home) technology is not mature,; 2. Insufficient cultivation of smart lighting (home) market; 3. The price of intelligent lighting (home) products is generally high; 4. Insufficient market promotion of intelligent lighting (home furnishing), etc. Among them, the "immature technology" and "insufficient market cultivation" have become the biggest difficulties in the popularization of intelligent lighting (home) products. In other words, the immature technology of intelligent lighting (home) enterprises and the low awareness of social users of intelligent lighting (home) products, (3) the use of suitable wrenches to connect oil pipes has become a difficulty for the immature and difficult popularization of intelligent lighting (home) industry in the past few years

a survey from Tencent home appliances showed that up to 95.19% of friends expressed interest in smart home. However, if you ask yourself to describe "what kind of life is called smart home life", in fact, many people can't make it clear. In fact, this is also true in the intelligent lighting industry. At the same time, the technology of intelligent lighting enterprises is not mature, so that intelligent lighting (home) products only stay in the "pseudo intelligent" stage of simple dimming and color matching, and users can't really experience the so-called intelligent lighting

the market acceptance of intelligent lighting products is unsatisfactory, but at the same time, the market demand continues to expand. According to the market research report released by marketsandmarkets, a global market research and consulting company, the total intelligent lighting market is expected to reach US $8.14 billion by 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 22.07% from 2015 to 2020. It can be predicted that the future market share of intelligent lighting (home) needs to be further developed

for this reason, over the years, the majority of enterprises have focused on improving intelligent lighting technology, actively cultivating intelligent lighting market and improving users' intelligent lighting experience. Dealers and their recognition and acceptance of intelligent lighting (home) products are also gradually improving. Nowadays, cross-border brands such as Huawei, Haier and Xiaomi have entered the field of intelligent lighting. Hongyan, OPP and Rex provide customers with various choices, and other powerful lighting electrician brands are becoming more and more prominent in the field of intelligent lighting (home). In 2017, smart lighting (home) has been on the "tuyere"

Ruifeng optoelectronics Yiwu led project with a total investment of 2billion yuan will mainly build a production and manufacturing base for LED packaging and testing and domestic advanced new energy projects. The project is divided into two phases, of which the first phase covers an area of 100 mu. The project was signed in February last year, officially commenced on May 18, and the first batch of products were offline in December. "This year, we plan to achieve a sales volume of more than 800million yuan in Yiwu base, achieving a 20% growth, while the head office will reach 1.5 billion yuan. In other words, about half of the production and sales will be completed in Yiwu." Gongyaling, head of Yiwu Ruifeng photoelectric project, said

at the same time, the MuLinSen led project with a total investment of 5.5 billion yuan in the same high-tech zone covers an area of 600 mu. Since the formal signing of the project in August last year, the project is currently being carried out in an orderly manner

three LED leading enterprises, Huacan optoelectronics, Ruifeng optoelectronics and MuLinSen, have landed one after another, with a total investment of about 20billion yuan in several major projects, realizing the "creation out of nothing" of the whole LED industry in Yiwu. At the same time, the Yiwu led project, which introduced Huacan optoelectronics, has also filled the gap in the upstream of the LED industry chain in Zhejiang Province

"the light source technology town will form an industrial cluster with an output value of more than 100 billion, and we will compete with Xiamen represented by San'an optoelectronics." Not long ago, municipal leaders said that in a few years, it will become a domestic and even international LED industry center, which will greatly promote the process of industry city integration development

falling in love in the "tiger's mouth snatching food"

many people are surprised at how Yiwu has gone from a blank to so many large listed companies in more than a year, and the enterprises settled in are also located in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industry, forming a whole industrial chain

Zhu Weisong, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the high tech Zone, concluded: "snatched food from the tiger's mouth, grabbed meat from the wolf's mouth, and had a 'love' with them by the way."

take Huacan optoelectronics as an example. When the high tech Zone learned that Huacan optoelectronics was preparing to launch the LED epitaxial film project, the government of a certain place in Hubei and Jiangsu had basically negotiated with Huacan on supporting policies. In order to facilitate the settlement of Huacan optoelectronics project in Yiwu, the staff of the high tech Zone traveled to Hubei, Jiangsu and other places for dozens of times to contact with the board members of Huacan optoelectronics and introduce them to the current investment environment, talents and employment, government efficiency and execution of Yiwu. Zhu Weisong followed Zhou Fuyun to work and went to Shanghai to pay New Year's greetings to major shareholders with tofu skin purchased at his own expense, inviting the company to hold the board of directors in Yiwu. For this project, he came to Yiwu for 47 times. Finally, the directors reached a consensus and the project landed in Yiwu

similarly, Ruifeng optoelectronics' 2billion yuan led project almost fell to other countries. It is understood that before choosing to invest in Yiwu, Ruifeng optoelectronics has completed negotiations with a city in the southwest, only

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