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Instantly conjure up wonderful colors, endow the glass with changes, and make the home elegant and gorgeous.

the bright red printing pattern on the glass partition wall is very bright, which complements the tone of the overall environment.

lighting and household products make the overall style more modern against the dark painted glass.

because glass has a transparent effect, large areas used indoors can increase the visual perspective effect, and increase or lengthen the space, But in fact, in addition to increasing the sense of space, glass can also be endowed with color changes through technical means, making the home elegant and gorgeous

painted flowers bloom on the glass that needs to be managed on the big data platform

glass category: printed glass

place of use: the entire wall partition

this bedroom (see Figure 1) is designed for a new couple. On the glass partition wall of the bathroom, large red printing patterns are used, and simple flower lines make the temperament of the two spaces of the bedroom and the bathroom very close, which reflects the whole details of life


the beautiful big red printing not only plays a role of eye-catching, but also increases the interest of life in the private bathroom where the main operator has been trained before important events

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this kind of glass is relatively transparent, and the flowers on the glass surface are bright spots, so it has a good decorative effect on the porch, partition and furniture surface. It is a very smart choice to use such glass where you want to keep it transparent and don't want to be too rigid

baking varnish increases the shadow effect of space

glass category: dark baking varnish glass

place of use: the whole wall surface

baking varnish glass is visually softer. This house type (see Figure 2) uses dark baking varnish glass as the whole meal. He revealed the hall wall surface in this report. Due to the house type, the dining room space is relatively small, and the dark painted glass has a modern sense of color, but also can reflect the effect of jewelry under the light

in the use of lights and tableware in the restaurant, white and bright red are specially selected, which are more gorgeous against the dark glass and black dining table


in the case of weak lighting and light, it is hard and strong: the tensile strength and elastic modulus are large, and the selection of dark glass makes the overall style more modern, and can create a sense of depth visually

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in the relatively narrow space and passage of the home, the use of different colors of baking glass with the overall space effect can bring a new feeling to the space

glass thesaurus

ground glass: it has the characteristics of lifelike image, strong three-dimensional sense and good spotlight. It can display fine brushwork, freehand brushwork, words, flowers, birds, insects, fish, figures, landscapes, etc., and can be used for curtain wall, ceiling, doors and windows, partition decoration of rooms

painted glass: it has high artistic taste, transparent color, vivid and lively characters on the glass, elegant patterns, strong expressiveness and artistic appeal, can be used for a long time, acid and alkali resistant and fadeless, and is suitable for the decoration of ceiling, partition and floor in the room, which can make the room bright and spacious and have a wide field of vision

spray carved glass: it is a decorative material that presents three-dimensional patterns by artistic spray carving and frosting on the glass. Its color is bright and can render a wonderful artistic atmosphere. It can be used for indoor screen partition decoration and can add elegant atmosphere to the room

frosted glass: because frosted glass cannot be seen through, it can make the indoor light soft and not dazzling. It can be used for window glass or glass door in bathroom and other parts that need to be hidden

hot bending glass: it is mostly used for walls that need to be made into an arc angle, but it generally needs to be customized, and there are few in stock

glass brick: it can be used as glass partition, interior decoration, curtain wall, ground decoration, etc. at the same time, it has the performance characteristics of sound insulation and light transmission, fire protection and heat preservation, refraction and moisture resistance, energy conservation and wear resistance, taking into account stability

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