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Molex launched medispec medical plastic circular connector

MOLEX, the world's leading supplier of a full set of interconnection products, launched medispec medical plastic circular (MPC) connector and cable system. With world-class LFH (low force helix) contact design and appropriate price, it is a high-performance alternative to typical medical circular connector. Medispec MPC system provides OEM manufacturers, cable component manufacturers, contract manufacturers and research and development professionals with cost-effective commercial off the shelf products for the medical market. Its reliable electrical interface is an ideal choice for applications requiring multiple insertion, and has a unique contact design that can maintain low insertion force for ease of use. Medispec MPC system is designed to be easy to use even with surgical gloves

mole can do fatigue test (American Standard) x Anthony kalaijakis, marketing manager of medical strategy, said: "In today's environment of the rapid emergence of a batch of non-ferrous metal new energy material manufacturers in medical and health care, the market requires medical equipment manufacturers to reduce costs and continue to develop excellent products to meet the increasingly complex needs of medical equipment. MPC system provides manufacturers with price competitive options without sacrificing various types of medical equipment applications, including portable and digital devices such as medical catheters, defibrillators and monitors High quality electrical performance required. "

mpc system has three standard diameters: small (up to 12 contacts); Medium (up to 27 contacts) and large (up to 50 contacts), as well as three keying positions, suitable for a full range of medical device applications in November 2016. Its medical grade plastic shell provides a light choice, which can withstand the disinfection process necessary for the medical industry, and the frame slot with color code can realize simple plug-in in multi port applications to prevent misplug. MPC system also has a modular plug-in design, so it is suitable for the next generation of medical applications using optical fiber, RF, power, fluid and air coupling

medispec MPC connector is produced according to aami-53 specification, and is compatible with Molex cable assembly product portfolio and other connection solutions for medical equipment manufacturers. It is suitable for a series of medical electronic systems including patient monitors, diagnostic equipment and treatment equipment

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