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Q & A on soft plastic printing process 1

[China Packaging News] can EVA film be used to package clothes

most of the clothing packaging films use heat sealable BOPP film with good transparency. Seamless heat sealing bags are used to make clothing bags, which are beautiful and can clearly see whether the clothing style and workmanship are fine or not. In order to facilitate opening, self-adhesive or concave convex buttons are generally used as seals, which can be opened and re closed at will. Using EVA film, the softness is better than BOPP film, but the stiffness is not as good as BOPP, and the transparency is slightly worse than BOPP. If the requirements are not too high, of course, EVA can also be used to replace heat sealable BOPP film. However, I'm afraid EVA may not be cheaper than heat sealable BOPP in price, because EVA particles are expensive. At present, with the installation of these main equipment, it is 10000 yuan/ton

how to recycle waste SBS materials

the plasticizer cyclohexane of SBS can be added and new SBS pellets can be added before reprocessing

using surface printing ink to print on aluminum foil, the fastness is very good after printing, but the ink falls off after cooking at 100 ℃ for 30min. How to solve it? (polyamide surface printing ink)

this shows that this polyamide surface printing ink has poor high temperature cooking resistance with aluminum foil. The composite ink with high temperature cooking resistance can be used to reverse print on BOPET film, and then compound with aluminum foil (dry compound) to produce high temperature cooking bags for packaging. The two-component acrylate high-temperature cooking surface printing ink crosslinked by silane coupling agent introduced in the book "Chinese plastic product formula" can also be used to replace the one component nylon ink, which has good high-temperature cooking resistance and does not fall off after 30 minutes at 100 ℃

single layer liquid packed milk bags are sterilized at 100 ℃ for 30min, and there are many broken bags. Why

100 ℃ 8. Nondestructive testing instruments (magnetic particle flaw detector, X-ray flaw detector γ X-ray flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, eddy current flaw detector, acoustic emission detector, etc.) the 30min high-temperature cooking bag must be vacuum packed, otherwise, with the rise of cooking temperature, the air volume in the bag will increase significantly, the pressure in the bag will increase by more than ten times, and the plastic mouth ultra-low temperature impact test; The bag can't withstand high pressure when stored under ultra-low temperature materials for a certain period of time. Of course, the bag will be broken. Generally speaking, this kind of simple milk packaging bag should be sterilized at 85 ℃ for 30min, which is called pasteurization, and then the plastic sheet uses hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, and the friction coefficient of the material can be measured + after ultraviolet sterilization, it is better to carry out aseptic packaging in a sterile room. This pasteurized milk can only be sold for days under light cold, and the time should not be too long. Because pasteurization only destroys pathogenic bacteria, there are still a large number of molds and yeasts in milk, which will breed at room temperature and deteriorate milk

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