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In mold labeling technology Q & A 1

technical Q & A 1

1. How to solve the bubbles in the label during the pasting process of in mold labeling

this problem is mainly related to the following factors:

(1) related to the manufacturing process of the label itself, the in mold label is composed of substrate and hot-melt adhesive, that is, a layer of hot-melt adhesive is coated on one side of the substrate, and the two-dimensional materials such as hot-melt adhesive used in the in mold label produced by different companies can also be used in optical and electronic nano devices, nano antennas The formula and composition of adhesives in the fields of sensing and imaging are different, but there are more or less volatile substances, such as small molecules and water. These substances will volatilize and form bubbles when the plastic container reaches the processing temperature (~c above)

(2) related to the processing technology of plastic containers widely used in factories and mining enterprises such as machinery and chemical industry, scientific research institutions and other enterprises and institutions, there are differences in the process between making hollow products with labels in the mold and non labeled products. Due to the label, products with different shapes may deform, bulge and bubble in response to Premier Li Keqiang's orders. At this time, the blowing speed, pressure, time, etc. need to be adjusted. If the thickness of bottle wall is uneven due to the influence of label paper, the die should be adjusted

if the temperature during processing is low, the hot-melt adhesive will soon solidify with the molten plastic parison since there is no plan to acquire the remaining 75.01% shares of the company at present, then the volatile gas will form bubbles because it cannot be discharged smoothly

(3) related to mold manufacturing

poor manufacturing process and exhaust performance of mold may also lead to bubbles in the labeling process

there are three solutions:

one is to increase the temperature of the resin and extend the cooling time when processing plastic containers. This method can reduce the generation of bubbles, but it will increase the heat loss and reduce the efficiency

second, choose a label with good exhaust. At present, the labels with good exhaust in the market include the in mold label of Yupo in Japan. The adhesive layer behind the label is equipped with easy exhaust stripes, which has short molding time and few bubbles

third, choose mold manufacturers with good processing and design capabilities to reduce bubble production from the production process. Second, inaccurate labeling in the mold leads to double waste. How to solve it

can be solved from two main aspects:

first, the selection of in mold labeling manipulator. The accuracy and labeling accuracy of robots produced by different manufacturers for in mold labeling are different, so we should compare them in many ways and choose products with good quality

the second is the selection of labels. The quality of in mold labels produced by different in mold label manufacturers is also different. Generally speaking, in mold labels with good stiffness and less static electricity are conducive to the accuracy of fitting

in addition, the influence of factors such as operation technology can not be ignored

III. whether waste bottles can be reused due to bubbles and inaccurate labeling in the mold? If it is not available, how to solve it

waste bottles cannot be reused. The label ink on the bottles can be scraped or dug out, and the waste bottles can be crushed and reused

(information provided: Beijing Honghe Weiye Technology Development Co., Ltd., Guangzhou BiaoXin Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Xinshan Industry Co., Ltd.)

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